A huge week-end of SUP Racing: Paddle Imua, Grand Prix Guyader, SUP Fiesta…

Last week-end was packed with SUP races all around the world. Here are all the results we could dig so far!

1. GRAND PRIX GUYADER (Douarnenez, France)
For this first French Cup of 14′, the overall rankings were based on the time combinations of two downwind races (13km on Saterday and 20km on Sunday). On the men’s side, it has been a close battle between Arthur Arutkin and Martin Letourneur the whole week-end while Eric Terrien tried a different trajectory on each race that put him back into 2nd on the final overall rankings. On the women’s side the local paddler Amandine Chazot claimed a strong first place ahead of Sylvie Marin and Marie-Elphège Julienne. Strong performance for Amandine because she finished 22nd overall, beating a decent number of guys in what was one of the most stacked race in France for a few months.

grand prix guyader sup race 2016

1- Arthur Arutkin
2- Eric Terrien
3- Martin Letourneur
4- Romuald Mamadou
5- Greg Closier
6- Martin Vitry
7- Joseph Gueguen
8- Tom Auber
9- Gaetan Sene
10- Didier Leneil
11- Stéphane Guiomar
12- Vincent Verhoeven
13- Boris Jinvresse
14- Amaury Dormet
15- Mathieu Raimon

1- Amandine Chazot
2- Sylvie Marin
3- Marie-Elphège Julienne

Junior (under 18)
1- Martin Vitry
2- Tom Auber
3- Jean Letourneur
3- Alexandre Bicrel

2. PADDLE IMUA (Hawaii)
Epic stormy conditions for the Paddle Imua race on Hawaii, James Casey finished 1st overall with a strong lead over Jeremy Riggs and Bullet Obra (14′). Sonni Honscheid claimed the victory on the women’s side ahead of Fiona Wylde (14′) and Devin Blish.

paddle imua 2016

Men’s SUP 14’
Bullet Obra (3rd overall)
Bart De Zwart
Ryan Funk
Women’s SUP 14’
Fiona Wylde
Shanna Upton
Alyssa Joy
James Casey
Jeremy Riggs
Sam Parker
Women’s UNL SUP
Sonni Hoenscheid
Devin Blish
Jenn Biestman

3. DORDOGNE INTEGRALE (Dordogne, France)
The big 130km french flatwater race was won by long distance specialist Florent Dode over runner-ups Franck Fifils and Olivier Darrieumerlou who both finish on 2nd place ex-aequo.. Florent broke away from the 2 other paddlers 10km before the end of the race to claim the victory while Franck and Olivier fought until the very end with an epic sprint.


1- Florent Dode
2- Franck Fifils
2- Olivier Darrieumerlou
4- Vincent Sultana

4. SUP FIESTA Jr Event (SoCal, USA)
The famous SUP Fiesta Junior SUP event happened this week-end in South Califoria. This event organized by Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela saw a huge contingent of young guns from all around the world. For the U15-17 division, the australian dark horse Harry Maskel won both the SUP Race and SUPsurf contests while Shae Foudy and Yuuka Horikoshi respectively won the SUP racing and the SUPsurfing.


Boys 15-17 SUPsurf
1- Harry Maskel (AUS)
2- Felippe Gaspar (BRA)
3- Noa Hopper (USA)
4- Nic Walker (AUS)

Girls 15-17 SUPsurf
1- Yuuka Horikoshi (JAP)
2- Skylar Lickle (HAW)
3- Mason Schremmer (HAW)
4- Sasha Kauhane (HAW)

Boys 12-14 SUPsurf
1- Finn Spencer
2- Kai McPhillips
3- Gavin Mencinsky
4- Elijah Schoenig

Girls 12-14 SUPsurf
1- Jade Howson
2- Delila Quinn
3- Lexi Alston
4- Annie Reickert

Boys 15-17 SUP race
1- Harry Maskell
2- Noa Hopper
3- Max Flemming

Girls 15-17 SUP race
1- Shae Foudy
2- Kali’a Alexiou
3- Yuuka Horikoshi

Boys 12-14 SUP race
Tyler Bashor
Trent Carter
Elijah Scheonig

Girls 12-14 SUP race
1- Lexi Alston
2- Alex Higginson
3- Jade Howson

5. STAND UP FOR THE CURE (Newport Beach, USA)
The famous Stand up for The Cure SUP event gathered hundreds of pink paddlers in Newport Back Bay this last Saturday. Some of the best SUP athletes in the world like Zane Schweitzer or Mo Freitas were there to support this amazing event.

6. EURO TOUR 1 (Setubal, Portugal)
The first stop of the Euro Tour took place in Port Of Setubal, Portugal. The italian power-horse Leonard Nika won the race ahead of Branislav Sramek, Pepe Oltra and Davide Codotto. It appeared to be a very hard race with a long upwind leg. On the women’s side, the spanish paddler Laura Quetglas claimed the first place while Angela Fernandes finished in second place and the young gun Cyara Palenzuela ended up third.

eurotour portugal

1 Leo Nika
2 Branislav Sramek
3 Pepe Oltra
4 Davide Codotto
5 Filipe Meira
6 Toni Marti
7 Daniel Parres
8 Quique Senra
9 James Van Drunen
10 Belar Diaz

1 Laura Quetglas
2 Angela Fernandes
3 Cyara Palenzuela
4 Sandra Bostjancic

italy7. ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS (Fiumaretta, Italy)
The Italian Championship’s stop in Fiumaretta saw the win of Paolo Marconi (12’6), Martino Rogai (14′) and Susak Molinero.


12’6 men’s
1 Paolo Marconi
2 Giordano Caparella
3 Federico Esposito
4 Roberto Mandoloni
5 Filippo Mercuriali

14′ men’s
1 Martino Rogai
2 Reza Nasiri
3 Fabricio Gasbaro

12’6 women’s
1 Susak Molinero
2 Chiara Nordio
3 Caterina Stenta

8. 2nd leg of the Spanish Flatwater Championships (Valladolid, Spain)
Starboard team mates Roman Frejo and Jurgi Zulaika won the 16km flatwater race in Valladolid, Spain, second leg of the Spanish Flatwater Championships. Alicante-based Carolina Seth-Smith won with a big lead over the other female paddlers. One name to watch is 48 years old Paulino Cayon Gonzalez who seems to have stepped up his game this year, winning the 14′ division for the second time this year.


1 Roman Frejo
2 Jurgi Zulaika
3 Pablo Herrera Revuelta
4 Miquel Roige
5 David Castilla

Women’s overall
1 Carolina Seth-Smith
2 Marian Laso
3 Rocio Ramos
4 Aralar Ordoñez


9. BATTLE OF THE THAMES (London, England)
Ollie Shilston won the grueling Battle Of the Thames race ahead of Pete Holliday and Sonny Zultan while Ryan James missed the podium by turning into the wrong way near the end of the race. On the women’s side Ginnie Odetayo took the win in front of Marie Buchanan and Tarryn Brown. On the other divisions, Alexander Mullaney won the 12’6 division ahead of Peter Kosinski and Glenn Eldridge while Christine Anderson finished in first in female 14′ in front of Beth Anton and Wilma Zwikker-Killgallon.


Full results :
12’6: 1. Alexander Mullaney 2. Peter Kosinski 3. Glenn Eldridge
14′: 1. Ollie Shilston 2. Pete Holliday 3. Sonny Zultan
12’6: 1. Ginnie Odetayo 2. Marie Buchanan 3. Tarryn Brown
14′: 1. Christine Anderson 2. Beth Anton 3. Wilma Zwikker-Killgallon
brazil10. X-Terra SUP Race (BRAZIL)
The X-Terra is a big outdoor sports event that organized a SUP Race with some of the best brazilian paddlers in the city of Ilhabela. The brazilian superstars “father and son’s” team Guilherme and Paulo Dos Reis won the first two spots with Guilherme winning the race. Third place finisher was Itamar Do Carmo.


1 Guilherme Dos Reis
2 Paulo Dos Reis
3 Itamar Dor Carmo
4 Feijão do Bonete
5 Jonas Romano

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