Born in 2013, TotalSUP has been the largest international online media dedicated to Stand Up Paddle & Foil and associated sports since 2018. TotalSUP is a bilingual website in English and French with a worldwide audience: 1. USA/Canada + France – 55% 2. UK + Rest of Europe – 25%  3. Australia/New Zealand + Japan 15% 4. Rest of the world 15%).

40,000 page views / month. Traffic up by 90% (and counting) in 2021.

In 2021, our website traffic averages 1500 page views per day, 40,000 page views per month and our social media community is one of the largest and most engaging communities with more than 50k followers on Facebook / 3000 views per day  ( + 37K followers on Instagram / 4000 views per day (

TotalSUP is the official media partner of major international SUP & Foil events and circuits such as the APP World Tour, the Gorge Paddle Challenge or the Waterman Tahiti Tour to name but a few. Mathieu Astier, TotalSUP’s founder is a regular announcer, beach speaker or live broadcast commentator at major SUP race events worldwide.

In September 2019, we were awarded the title of Blog of the Year by our American peers at SUP Connect.

In 2020 and 2021, TotalSUP had 2 fast-growing little brothers on social media: TotalFOIL and TotalPADDLE with the objective of rapidly becoming a leading source of information for all things Foil/Wingfoil and Ocean Paddling (surfski, prone, OC / Va’a and more).

Our philosophy is to provide affordable and transparent one-year advertising deals for all industry players and give everyone the opportunity to promote their brand, shop, event or products while supporting our work.



We offer one of the largest and most engaged web and social media target audience dedicated to SUP, foil, wing foil, surfski, outrigger and other niche ocean sports.  Why not make the most of it for an all-inclusive fee?
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Feature your brand and/or products on 1 sponsored article per month x 12 months. Strengthen the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking of your website or specific pages with keyword-enhanced backlinks. Get viral through our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Price: 2000€ / $2,250 / GBP 1,850 / AUD 3,300
Duration: 12 months

  • 12 articles on 
  • All articles are shared at least twice on TotalSUP’s Facebook page + Instagram page or Instagram Story

Types of sponsored content publications on

  • Interviews (founder, product/marketing manager, riders, clients)
  • Product announcements and reviews
  • Augmented press releases
  • “Top 10” articles
  • Destination guides
  • Buying guides
  •  Tutorials and tips
  • SUP trip journals
  • Competition reports

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With more than 50,000 Facebook fans and 36,000 Instagram followers (November 2020), TotalSUP is not just a website but also two powerful social media platforms that can take easily your brand photos and videos to 10s of thousands of views as well as bring new fans and followers to you own social media pages.

Price: 2000€ / $2,250 / GBP 1,850 / AUD 3,300
Duration: 12 months

  • 1 social post per week x 52 weeks : 1 brand content (photo or video) shared on the TotalSUP Facebook and Instagram pages every week over 52 weeks with tags and hashtags linking to you

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In January 2020, we introduced our new SUP & FOIL PRODUCT COMPARISON TOOL! We list your board collection allowing potential buyers to compare your products before going straight to your website. You get ultra-qualified traffic of paddlers ready to swipe their card!

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Promote your SUP Race, tradeshow, paddle festival or Stand Up Paddle trip as a featured event on one of the world’s biggest SUP websites. Articles can be a full presentation of your event, an interview with the organizer, future or past participants or a post-event report.

  • Small – 50€ / $60 / GBP 50 / AUD 80
    1 featured side banner, 1 dedicated event page on shared on Facebook + Instagram
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  • XL – 400€ / $480 / GBP 400 / AUD 640
    4 articles on shared on Facebook (pre- or post-event), 1 featured-event side-banner, 1 dedicated event on page shared on Facebook, multiple Facebook & Instagram posts with your event photos, videos, results

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Whether you are a SUP Yoga Coach or own a SUP school or shop, get your geocoded and Search Engine-optimized one-page business listing and start showcasing your services throughout on every page related to your business location:

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In 2021, we are launching product review videos to make the most of our daily video reach on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Each video gets uploaded on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram (teaser). The YouTube version of the video is embedded on a full TotalSUP product review article.
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TotalSUP’s founding company MEDIATEO WORLD and its web-design side-kick Chameleon Studios provide multilingual online communication services and translations to a number of players within the Stand Up Paddle, watersport, leisure and outdoor industries such as Starboard, Watertrek, Fool Moon, Woo Outrigger, 425pro, Nautic Paris, Red Paddle Co, Rayvolt bikes, to name but a few…

Mediateo - translation & multilingual content

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  • : 316,000 page views in 2019 (+31%)
  • Forecast (October 2020): 350,000 page views in 2020 (+11%)
  • The world’s most active SUP & FOIL communities on Facebook – 50K followers and Instagram – 36K followers (October 2020)
  • The most viral daily posts on Facebook and Instagram with an average of 6,000 reach ratio per post
  • 2020 most viral Facebook video played 878,000 times (and counting)
  • 2020 most viral Instagram video played 32,000 times (and counting) 
  • 2020 most read article 7,860 times

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