Costa Rica Girls Only Trip: SUP, Yoga and Adventure!

French paddler Ingrid Ulrich, freshly back from a 20 day paddle journey in Greenland has already launched the next chapter in her book of adventures. This time it is an adventure to the Central American paradise of Costa Rica. The adventure starts on the 11th November and lasts until the 21st, it is in collaboration with Yoga teacher Lucile Fillinger, and is bustling full of activity, aimed at promoting and developing the adventurous spirit within women. Adventure queen Ingrid is certainly qualified to lead the group, quoting that “All of us can leave for an adventure no matter the level!”.  Read on about this exciting trip to tropical paradise!

Hello Ingrid, where did the inspiration come from for the Costa Rica trip?

I am an adventure addict, I often head out on adventures with friends, all centred around one objective, which is SUP and discovering new countries. Often women tell me the same “I’d love to do the same things as you, traveling, going on adventures and discovering new places, but I wouldn’t dare to go alone. Often they highlight traveling with families can be constraining, however they wouldn’t travel solo. Out of this came the idea to organise the trip, combining three elements SUP, YOGA and Pura Vida, the ideal combo for a trip between girls!


Girls only holiday, sounds like a great opportunity to relax and share experiences?

Our Costa Rican adventure is designed to meet the real needs of our ladies, whether they are married, parents, single, widowed or divorced. It will be a great way to free us women from our daily routine. I find that even if we go on a family holiday, we will always be thinking of the needs of our family, so this trip is a great opportunity to disconnect, to live an adventure without limits. Where you can totally be yourself without having to plan for the children, the dinner and things associated with daily life. I really believe that being only amongst women will be a great forum to share problems, to listen to others, and it will lead to mutual enrichment.  You will find yourself amongst other like minded women, we are not that comfortable to travel alone but once we are together we will share all our experiences, leaving with a strong bind between us girlfriends! girls only holidays are always unforgettable!

Why Costa Rica?

The list is long for the reasons to go. When we talk about Costa Rica, what immediately springs to mind is the lush nature, the forests and jungles and its immense range of biodiversity. We will be up close to spectacular trees and plants like orchids, red gingers, etc. Costa Rica is a pure sensory overdose for all the senses. All this lush nature makes this country is an animal lovers paradise, Hummingbird, toucan, macaw, monkeys, lazy, armadillos, turtles, dolphins, otters are all there! Whether on land, in the air or in water, you will not be disappointed by what you will see. Costa Rica has an enormous range of paradisiacal beaches. The main wealth of the country lies in the variety of landscapes on offer, waterfalls, rainforest, jungle, volcanoes, highlands, plains, mangroves. There are so many beautiful sites to discover during our stay in Costa Rica. Plus we will be discovering these sites in a 4X4, so we can discover the country off the beaten track. To us an epic adventure!


You will offering SUP trips, can you tell us about the paddle trips that will be proposed?

Paddling a SUP offers the opportunity to discover the Costa Rican beautiful beaches, as well as lakes, rivers and mangroves, in a fun and entertaining way. Travelling by SUP gives us an easy experience to explore this extraordinary landscape at its own pace. Traveling by SUP, will allow us to travel at a slower pace, so we can soak up the flora and fauna around us. By paddling a SUP we can creep up and glide past rare and elusive birds, butterflies, flowers, marine life, all without disturbing them! Stand Up Paddle is a excellent way to get to know the Costa Rican wildlife and enjoy the coast as you could never do from the land.

What is the level of SUP and physical fitness required for this trip?

This adventure is open to all, whether you are beginner or confirmed. The objective being the discovery of the country, off the beaten track. For beginner paddlers I will be on hand to give the first lesson and allow them to develop their SUP skills so they can paddle autonomously, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Just like Lucile will do with girls who have never done Yoga.


Interested in taking part in this epic trip? Check out the online Brochure for more information!

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