Girls Only SUP’n’Yoga Retreat: 5 reasons to head to Costa Rica!

Do you have a passion for SUP and Yoga? Meet two women who do too.  Yoga teacher Lucile Fillinger and SUP explorer Ingrid Ulrich are launching a Girls Only trip to Costa Rica. The trip is organised by both ladies. Lucile Fillinger an intrepid adventurer, travel addict, explorer, and Yoga teacher, Ingrid Ulrich is a well know addict to SUP exploration. This Girls Only trip to Costa Rica is 100% feminine, 100% adventure, plus an opportunity to experience Costa Rica by 4 wheel road trip. TotalSUP talks to passionate Yoga teacher Lucile Fillinger aboutthe Girls Only trip to Costa Rica is about, and why we should be excited about heading to this Central American paradise!

Hi Lucile, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi ! My name is Lucile, I am 23 years old and I am a Hatha and Nidra yoga teacher, I also specialise in aerial yoga. I trained Yoga teaching in India two years ago and finished my aerial yoga last October. I love travelling solo, and of course doing yoga. I love to discover new food, spending hours at the ocean and singing (and badly). I have to confess, I am more into prone surf than SUP. My ideal conditions are 80 cm wave height and I am not a fan of cold water! During this trip my role will be to take you on your yoga journey. I have spent more than 2 months Costa Rica.  I can guarantee  that the combination of SUP exploration, discovery and Yoga in Costa Rica, is the perfect combination!

Where did your partnership and idea come from?

Ingrid is a longtime family friend. I have known Ingrid since I was young (she was director of a summer camp I went too!) . Recently we worked together, there we got together and imagined this trip!  Costa Rica has a fantastic life style, it was this that made us want to start this trip! Yoga, SUP, girls, 4 wheel driving, what a great way to adventure!

Why Costa Rica?

On my first visit to Costa Rica, I was really dazzled by the country, this was the beginning of my love affair. During my  first trip, I travelled for 8 weeks solo, it was during this period that I took part in my first yoga retreat, located at the edge of the beach under the magical palm trees! During the girls only trip I will make you discover the in roads  and beauty of Costa Rica. This country is packed full of incredible fauna and flora, wedged between secluded tropical paradise beaches, and the dense tropical forests. It is truly a sensory overload. We will follow the Costa Rica’s life style: “quiet! “!

What Yoga will you be practising?

My approach to Yoga is invigorating, by practising Hatha and Vinyasa, but also calm and relaxing with Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a 45-minute session, lying on the floor, guided by the voice. It has been established that with regular practice, 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra can be equivalent to a 5-hour rest. Our idea is that each participant finds their place and practice. As the trip is for small groups, so I will be available to adapt each session to the individual needs of each person. Classes are accessible at all levels and this trip is a  great way to get into Yoga in an exceptional setting. You will be surrounded  good vibes that go with it!

5 good reasons to book a place for this trip:

  1. Costa Rica is really the place to be! The country is really preserved and even more the routes that we will take that go off the beaten track, life is done without fuss, very simply and the inhabitants are very welcoming.
  2. This is the opportunity to live an unique experience, in a new community And if you want to discover two new disciplines this is an opportunity to be accompanied with confidence!
  3. It’s a trip off the beaten path, faraway from  mass tourism.
  4. The opportunity to travel differently!
  5.  Ingrid and I concocted an epic trip, this will be a trip of a life time!


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