Amp up your SUP surf game in Costa Rica with Infinity SUP Dave Boehne & Nosara PaddleSurf

SUP surf’s up! Infinity SUP and Nosara PaddleSurf are inviting SUP enthusiasts who are looking to take their SUP surfing skills to the next level to join them in Nosara, Costa Rica for the Infinity SUP Skills Camp 2020 with Dave Boehne. “Infinity SUP Skills Camp is a way to introduce the Infinity audience to a curated SUP surfing experience in a 5-star setting with top level instruction. Also getting to share waves with some of the Infinity Speed Freaks athletes as well as the man behind the brand  is a unique experience in itself. Nosara PaddleSurf is the premiere SUP surfing camp in the world in our opinion so we couldn’t be more stoked to have collaborated with them for many years!” said the master shredder and the ultimate Infinity Speed Freak, Dave Boehne. TotalSUP caught up with SUP Coach Andru Marin of Nosara PaddleSurf to check out what’s in store for the 2020 Camp.

Hi Andru, things are gearing up for the coming up Infinity SUP Skills Camp in March 2020. Could you tell us more about your coaching company Nosara PaddleSurf and your collaboration with Dave Boehne and Infinity SUP?

Hi, stoked to chat! Nosara Paddlesurf is an all-inclusive SUP Surf Coaching company. We offer packages of a one and two-week long SUP Surf Coaching in and around Nosara, Costa Rica. Our peak season is November to April and then again June to August. For the week packages we organize everything and take care of all the details so our guests can relax and make the most of their time, focusing on SUP Surfing.


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Our specialty at Nosara Paddlesurf is the professional SUP Surf Coaching programme. We have coaches on our team that have years of experience in the industry, having worked with hundreds of guests as well as working side by side with the team from Infinity SUP out of Dana Point, California. They are skilled and enjoy the challenge of facilitating breakthroughs in our guests SUP surfing. We’ve been developing the programme over the years now. We first assess at what stage of our programme our students are, then we take a look at some of gaps in their surfing skills that are stopping them from progressing to the next level. We use land drills and poolside exercises along with video analysis and surf seminars to help our guest progress in their surfing.

Our collaboration with Infinity SUP is all about boards. We believe Infinity SUP makes the best boards on the market and we want to offer our guests the best possible equipment for their learning. Our quiver is made up almost entirely of Infinity SUPs. We have various models in varying dimensions. We also host two specialty weeks per year when Dave Boehne of Infinity who comes down and gets on the coaching side of things. Dave does video analysis and helps guide people to improve their SUP surfing technique. We have a blast surfing together and all in all these are two real fun weeks!


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Who is the Infinity SUP Skills Camp aimed for? Are all SUP skill levels welcome?

Yes, the camp is aimed at anyone who is interested in getting better at SUP Surfing. We work with all levels, from first time out on the ocean guys, to lifelong surfers.


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What can paddlers expect from your boutique spot in Nosara in terms of SUP surf conditions?

We typically have nice glassy mornings with head to over head offshore conditions.


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Could you run us through the programme of the Camp?

Sure! On the day one during the first session we assess the SUP surfing skills of our guests and decide where they sit on our programme and from where we should start coaching. Over the years we have developed our Coaching Programme and it breaks down SUP Surfing to four levels with different skill sets. Each builds on the previous one and if participants have worked through all levels, the outcome is a safe, confident SUP surfer (who shreds!!!).

What set of skills are paddlers set to leave the Camp with?

This mostly depends on the skill level they have arrived with, which we then build on. In the case of a total beginner level, they leave with good understanding of surf etiquette as well as SUP manners in the lineup. They will be taught to be safe and keep others around them safe, all while hunting down the perfect wave for that day.

Are you planning any foil action during the Camp?

No, we are currently not in the foil industry.

What does PURA VIDA mean to you?

Ah, nice question. Pura Vida can mean many things but to me it means more than anything else an overwhelming sense that everything is right in that particular moment, in that particular place. Everything is right.

Thank you very much and have epic time at the Camp!

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