SUP, Surf and Foil in Costa Rica with Dave Boehne

Attuned to the values of the local culture and surf scene in Costa Rica, Dave Boehne, renowned shaper, master shredder and creative mind behind Infinity’s high performance SUP designs for both surf and race, keeps it genuinely low key when it comes to sharing his favourite spots and Costa Rican SUP, surf and foil riches. TotalSUP had a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of Dave’s top locations and Pura Vida vibes.

TotalSUP will be joining Dave at the coming up Big Apple’s leg of the APP World Tour, the New York SUP Open, between 31st August – 7th September 2019. Stay tuned!

Hi Dave, you’re closely connected with the local SUP and surf scene in Costa Rica. Could you share some insight into that epic ecosystem and your favourite SUP, surf and foil spots?

Hi, I started going to Costa Rica to SUP in 2013 and help establish the premiere SUP surf camp Nosara Paddlesurf. When I SUP surf I make sure to respect the culture and the surf scene and be sensitive to the locals. I only surf the most popular breaks when the time is right with much respect and a low key presence. Never show up with five of your SUP buddies and paddle straight into the line up. Be low key, get in line and surf with a smile and all will be Pura Vida!

Nosara: Playa Guiones

Playa Guiones is my favourite as it has lots of variety from playful beach break to long point style open face waves and if you are ready and put in the effort some ledgy tubing wave opportunities. Make sure to reach out to the best SUP connection Nosara Paddlesurf when you are there, the crew is epic and they have the most experience down there. They have it dialed.


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Tamarindo area is another classic surf region of Costa Rica. The variety of waves for all levels all within close proximity is the draw. If you are in the mood the nightlife is legendary as well. A must is to reach out local legend Marco Pacheco.

Jaco Beach

Jaco area is also a fun zone with a long history of SUP surfing and has the classic mix of open beach break peaks.

Loyal to the Foil in Costa Rica

There are so many open coves and mushy point set ups that run off into deep water that are perfectly suited for the foil. I never travel without my foil wherever I go and Costa Rica is no different. Nosara again has a great wave for the foil which is off shore and a long paddle so the crowd is light. Again, reach out to the crew at Nosara Paddlesurf for a tour and point you in the right direction for the set ups.


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Dave’s Costa Rican board choice

I always bring a quiver ranging from my 9’ Infinity New Deal to my 7’5” Infinity BlurrV2, a couple shortboards and always my foil. With the versatility in surf that Costa Rica can potentially bring, my goal is to run through my entire quiver every day!

Have You Seen Blurr: Travelling to Costa Rica

Whenever travelling to surf, the rules are the same. Respect the locals, go in with a humble attitude and you will be fine. It’s always smart to eat, buy food and supplies in the smaller towns if possible. It’s way cheaper and it’s nice to support the less tourist filled communities. These are the beaches where you can get the perfect Instagram “beach” photo with a cocktail.

Costa Rica also gets windy so there is definitely potential for fun downwind runs and distance/touring opportunities with miles of mangroves and flat water inlets amongst the rain forest. Costa Rica is still an untapped gem for the flat water enthusiast.

Join the Infinity Speed Freaks tribe in Costa Rica

In 2013 I help established the premiere SUP surf camp Nosara Paddlesurf and we host our annual Infinity SUP Skills camp hosted by me every spring. If you want to join us you can contact The 2020 dates are: 14-21 March 2020 and 21-28 March 2020.

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