This Weekend’s Results: Dordogne Intégrale, Hossegor Paddle Games, UKSUP Thames Ultra Endurance Race…

Dordogne Intégrale (France)

Men’s results:
1. Florent Dode
2. Olivier Darrieumerlou
3. Franck Fifils
4. Miguel Martorell
5. Romuald Mamadou
6. Stéphane Leblond

Dordogne I

Women’s results:
1. Janneke Smits
2. Marie-Elphège Julienne
3. Magdalena Barcelo Oliver
4. Anne-Sophie Becar
5. Sylvie Pimenta
6. Patricia Pinguet


Full results here

Hossegor Paddle Games (Hossegor, France)

Men’s results:
1. Connor Baxter
2. Michael Booth
3. Titouan Puyo

HPG overall


HPG men

Women’s results:
1. Sonni Hönscheid
2. Olivia Piana
3. Candice Appleby

HPG overall women



Open men:
1. Aaron Sanchez-Quetglas
2. Sergi Nadal Gonzalez
3. Manuel Hoyuela Rojas

HPG Open overall

Open women: 
1. Helene Bonnan
2. Matilda Angiolini

UKSUP Thames Ultra Endurance Race (United Kingdom)

Men’s results:
1. Furio Vitali
2. Mark Slater
3. Ben Fisher

Women’s results:
1. Joanne Hamilton-Vale
2. Stef Kerek
3. Belinda Smith

Thames Ultra results 1

Cabrera de Mar (Spain)

Men’s results 14′: 
1. Pepe Oltra
2. Miquel Roige
3. Iker Barbarrubio

Espana results

Men’s results 12’6: 
1. William Doring
2. Carlo Locatelli
3. Jaume Borotau

espana 12'6 men

Women’s results: 

1. Anna Garcia
2. Tina Martinez
3. Saskia Pelzo


The Inaugural Sandy Bay SUP Race (Gibraltar)

Open Sprint 500m :
1. Cristian Francis Debono
2. Albert Cordali Jnr
3. Alan Reynolds
4. Roxy Codali
5. Andy Lee Jones


Madrid SUP Games (Spain)

Day 1: Spanish Championship of Speed

Women’s results: 

Madrid SUP Games 12 Femmes
Men’s results 12′: 

Madrid SUP Games 12 Hommes
Men’s results 14′: 

Madrid SUP Games 14

Velocidad spain

Day 2: Madrid Championship


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