Learn How to Wing Foil in 6 Videos with Dan Gavere

12 Oct 2020

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In this great tutorial video series filmed in his hometown of Hood River, Oregon, Fanatic rider and Wing Foil pioneer Dan Gavere takes us through, step-by-step, the different processes of Wing Foiling using the 2020 Duotone Foil Wing and Fanatic Foil equipment.

Learn how to Wing Foil – Part 1

In this 1st video, Dan Gavere takes a close look at the 2020 Duotone Foil Wing, explains how to rig the wing for riding, adjust boom for power, and how to carry the Foil Wing and foil board to the water.

Learn how to Wing Foil – Part 2

In part 2, Dan explains the anatomy of a Foil wing as well as some basic wing control techniques to get you out on the water riding and having fun.

Learn how to Wing Foil – Part 3

In this video, Dan Gavere explains the different sizes of boards to be used with a Foil Wing. For learning a larger volume 110-160 liters, the board will be much easier than a board with very low volume I.E. 100 Liters which is going to be very challenging to learn on for any rider over 170 lbs. Having the extra float and width help to get going and not having to worry so much about foot precise placement, allowing riders to get up and riding with much more forgiving results.

Learn how to Wing Foil – Part 4

Dan Gavere guides you through the best practice for getting up on a hydrofoil board using the Fanatic Hydrofoil Aero 2500 and Fanatic Sky SUP 6.6 115 l board and 4 Meter Foil Wing from Duotone. This video guides you through how to get started on the foil board for the first time. This is by no means the only way to do it, simply the easiest way I have found to do it. Thanks for watching.

Learn how to Wing Foil – Part 5

Dan Gavere guides you through the Gybe using the Duotone Foil Wing and Fanatic Aero SUP Hydrofoil and Sky SUP 6.6 Foil Board. In the Columbia Gorge near Hood River, Oregon USA, this video features How To Turn downwind utilizing the best practices to learn the Gybe turn while hydrofoiling with the hand wing. Special thanks to Chris Emerick for the footage.

Learn how to Wing Foil – Part 6

This video is a step by step process of the Tack technique for Foil Wing riding. Here Dan Gavere walks you through the handwork needed to complete a non-foiling and foiling tack using a hand wing aka, foil wing, wing surfer, sling wing, etc… This is a basic instructional tutorial how to video and is a general guide to what has worked for me for using a Hydrofoil board with a foil wing By no means is this the only way to do it. Practice have fun, be safe, and after some practice, you will find it to be a really fun maneuver in any conditions on the foil or not. I am using a 2020 Fanatic Sky SUP 6.3 LTD with footstraps, the Aero FOil 2000 with 75cm mast and 64cm fusealge with a -1 degree rear wing shim, 5 Meter Duotone Foilwing with custom bar, ION Riot Harness and Duotone Vario Harness lines usually at the 30ish inch setting. Thanks to Kaden Sponhauer, Chris Emerick, and Rod Parmenter for the footage.

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