Huge Success for Team 425Pro at the PPG!

Team 425pro was on fire at this years Pacific Paddle Games. A large team of 425pro paddlers headed to the games from Tahiti and recorded some great results. It seemed that everywhere you looked there was a 425pro athlete charging in the waves, whether on prone, in the open or in the pro distance race there was always a 425pro paddler in the top 10.  In total the Tahitian brand secured four 1st place finishes, nine 2nd place, four 3rd place and two 4th place. Two weeks TotalSUP speaks to 425pro chief Jerry Mihimana about the team’s results.

“We couldn’t have been more proud of the athletes performance” stated Jerry “I was stoked to see that 425pro was the most represented brand. We featured on most of the podiums during the awards. Too bad they didn’t announce the awards for brands”, he went on to add “I’m just so grateful to see the huge progress we have achieved in such short time and all thanks to our 425pro family getting bigger and bigger, plus the amazing connection with each that we all have.”

The outcome of the PPG was considered a big success for 425pro with Jerry adding ” I can’t believe we did so good and that’s really amazing because we all work hard and we do it with passion and love. We are ADDICTED 2 SUP don’t forget that :D” adding “I would like to send huge thanks Air Tahiti Nui without who all this wouldn’t even happen.”

When asked if a return was on the cards for Team 425pro Jerry told TotalSUP “For sure we will!!! It’s one of our number one races on the list”.

The results of Team 425pro are as follows

Georges Cronsteadt recorded an impressive 6th place using his OUTLAW 14’x23’’ 2019 in the long distance race, with a very stacked field. With Lorenzo Bennet behind him in 9th place.

Mens 6 Mile Pro Distance

6th Place Georges Cronsteadt – 39:37

9th Place Lorenzo Bennett – 40:09

Mens 6 Mile Masters Pro Distance

2nd Place – Romuald Mamadou – 44:25

Mens 6 Mile Pro Distance Prone

2nd Place Bruno Tauhiro – 47:43 (behind Jack Bark)

Womens 6 Mile Pro Distance Prone

2nd Place Heilani Cronsteadt – 55:16

Mens 6 Mile Open Distance 14ft

1st place Tuhiti Tirao – 45:12

Mens 6 Mile Open Distance 14 ft (18 – 29)

2nd place Henere Harrys – 46:13

Womens 6 Mile Open Distance 14ft

6th Place Maeva Hargrave – 1:23:59

Youth Distance 12 – 14 years (boys)

6th Heremoana Chapelier – 51:54

Youth Distance 15 – 17 years (girls)

1st Place – Haniarii Brilliant – 1:00:16

Mens Open Distance 14ft (30-39)

2nd Place Atamu Conti – 46:46

5th Place Arii Brilliant – 26:06

Mens Open Distance 14ft (50 – 59)

2nd Place Teiki Conti – 50:44

Mens Pro Prone Technical Final

2nd Place Bruno Tauhiro – 25:16

Womens Pro Technical Prone

3rd Place Heilani Cronsteadt – 30:13

Boys (11 and under) Technical Final

5th Place Manoa Goyat – 23:18

Boys (12 – 14 ) Technical Final

4th Place Heremoana Chapelier – 15:41

Girls Technical (15 – 17)

2nd Place Haniarii Brilliant – 29:55

Mens Open Technical 14ft (18 – 29)

1st place Tuhiti Tirao – 24:17

3rd Place Henere Harrys – 24:48

Mens Open Technical 14ft (40 – 49)

1st Place Vincent Goyat – 25:03

Womens Technical Final 14ft

3rd Place Maeva Hargrave – 37:05

Womens Surf Technical Race

4th Place -Haniarii Brilliant – 14:19

Mens Surf Technical Race

3rd Place Vincent Goyat – 10:34

13th Place Arii Brilliant – 11:30

Mens Technical Open Final 14ft (30 – 39)

2nd Place Atamu Conti – 24:57

Mens Technical Open Final 14ft (50 – 59)

2nd Place Teiki Conti 25:55

All Results for the Pacific Paddle Games can be found here!

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