World Champion’s Girlfriend – A Full-Time Job: Interview With Kristi Dreibergs

Being a rider, you spend your weeks training and your weekends racing, which does not leave much time for a family life. Except if you have your partner with you! Kristi Dreibergs is Michael Booth‘s girlfriend and we had the chance to meet her in Sainte-Maxime, where Michael Booth won the SUP Race CUP.


Can you introduce youself?

My name is Kristi Dreibergs and I was born in Broome Western Australia. I now currently live in Perth and love it there!

Michael and I spend about 6 months of the year travelling for different races across the world and we have an awesome time doing it.

How is it to date a champion rider like Michael Booth?

I love the lifestyle of being able to travel to amazing places when Michael competes. I not only get to travel but I also get to meet lots of great people, and it is is cool to hang out with the other SUP girlfriends.

Michael trains hard, so even though my weekends are filled with racing I love seeing his training pay off and him achieve his goals.

I am happy when he trains, especially back in Perth where quite often I drop him off for paddle backs. I don’t mind it at all as it gives me a chance to go for walks or catch up with friends and family!

Michael Booth -

Do you have the same lifestyle as your partner?

I like being healthy. I always make sure Michael and I eat well and I cook a lot when travelling with all the fresh produce each country has to offer.

Travelling makes it hard for me to have a training routine. I used to train a lot and do lots of sport but now I prefer to watch the races enjoy the beach, and go for a walk to explore.

When we are in beautiful locations for races I love to get out on the water with Michael and go for a surf or a paddle.

Michael Booth Starboard

How do you support him before a race?

I support Michael by keeping his mind off the races and by always making sure he eats well. We mix training with a lot of fun the week leading into the race and I always notice the difference in his performance when his relaxed and I’m by his side.

I know Michael prefers it when I am at his races, and he always wants me there, so that makes me feel real positive about the support I give him. We like to think we make a great team.

Michael booth water

Do you also practice SUP?

No I do not practice SUP, but if I ever did Michael would be a great coach.

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