We Have Cancelled the Cancellation of the Nautic Paddle – World Mass Paddle Tomorrow !

Tomorrow at 8 am French time, 1000 paddlers were going to celebrate a new edition of the Nautic Paddle, the most popular SUP event – and one of the oldest – on the planet. Unfortunately, that event, like many others this year, was canceled due to the sanitary crisis.

Well, for all of you who can… Let’s CANCEL the CANCELLATION! 

Let’s all be on the water tomorrow at 8 am (Paris Time) to celebrate the cancellation of the cancellation of the Nautic Paddle ! With pics, videos and live streams, let’s all WAKE the social networks UP and declare our love for the Nautic Paddle at the same time!!!

Wear your old Nautic lycra shirt, show off your mini Eiffel Tower souvenirs, wear your dinosaur outfit… BE CREATIVE!
CLICK “JOIN” and SHARE THE FACEBOOK Event page below and let’s be at least 1000 paddlers all over the world at the same time tomorrow, dreaming of the Seine river! 
> LIVE Briefing at 6pm tonight on


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