Paris SUP Open: Part 2 of the 2022 APP World Tour set to start this weekend!

This weekend 1,000 stand up paddlers from across the globe will gather in France’s capital city for the World’s annual largest Race, the Paris Nautic Paddle as well as the Paris SUP Open, Stop #4 of the APP SUP Race World Tour. With sub-zero temperatures and chaotic waters, this unrivaled race provides every year a challenging but fitting test for the best in the world as the APP commences the second half of the season with this 14km Elite race on the Seine river!

Ones to watch this weekend will be London SUP Open distance champions, Starboard Dream Team riders Clément Colmas and Esperanza Barreras, who dominate over long distance races and are no stranger to frigid racing conditions. All eyes will also be on APP newbie, Mélanie Lafenêtre, who has been proving her prowess across Europe all season as well as in Puerto Rico at the ISA World Championships  and NSP figurehead Titouan Puyo who will make his highly-anticipated return to APP competition this weekend. In the men’s, watch out of course for 2022 World champion Connor Baxter who has however not been too keen on long distance races for the past two years, 2019 APP World Tour Arthur Arutkin, the Infinity’s Peruvian Prince Itzel Delgado, young Oregonian Bodie Von Allmen, Christian Andersen aka Polar Bear, last year’s silver and bronze medallists Ludovic Teulade and Manuel Hoyuela Roja and many more!

The 2022 Paris Nautic Paddle will mark the beginning of the 2nd half of the APP World Tour season with 3 more races lined up: this weekend’s Paris SUP Open, next weekend’s Alicante SUP Open (open to everyone!) and next February’s Jeddah SUP Open in Saudi Arabia!

Follow the Race LIVE with TotalSUP
The race will be streamed live on Sunday 4th December from 7:20am (Paris time) on the TotalSUP Facebook Page with Aussie Hall-of-Famer Travis Grant and TotalSUP’s very own Mathieu Astier as well as behind-the-scenes content on TotalSUP’s usual social media channels!

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