The Weekly TotalSUP Recap – Week 15 – Noja Sup Extreme, Mongoose CUP and more!

A quick report on the events that took place while you were unplugged. Today we’ll look at the results of the Rincon BeachBoy SUP Race, the Mongoose CUP, the Noja Sup Extreme and the Hobie SUP Race V. We will also talk about Nicolas Jarossay’s Transatlantic SUP crossing.

Rincon BeachBoy SUP Race – Puerto Rico

rincon beachboy SUP race

The 8th Annual Rincon Beachboy Stand Up Paddle Race took place today in Puerto Rico. Ryan Helm won the men competition ahead of Josh Riccio and Quintin Chiapperino.

rincon beachboy sup 2016

2016 Rincon Beachboy 14′ SUP Race Men’s

Top 10 Results:
1th: Ryan Helm (1:07:07)
2th: Joshua Riccio (1:07:55)
3th: Quintin Chiapperino (1:08:58)
4th: Kieran Grant (1:09:24)
5th: Jack Sauve (1:10:08)
6th: Greg Jaudon (1:10:23)
7th: Bill Kraft (1:11:49)
8th: Christopher Norman (1:11:49)
9th: Jeramie Vaine (1:12:40) *12’6
10th: Elvin Maldonado (1:12:54)

2016 Rincon Beachboy 12’6″ SUP Race Women’s

Top 10 Results:
1st: Victoria Burgess (1:19:41)
2nd: Heather Baus (1:21:49)
3rd: Mariecarmen Rivera (1:22:50)
4th: Isabelle Picard (1:23:16)
5th: Evelyn Odoherty (1:25:53)
6th: Juliana Perez Laspiur (1:26:16)
7th: Dawn Ehman (1:31:17)
8th: Desiree Hernandez (1:31:44)
9th: Vicky Lowe (1:32:47)
10th: Geraldine Vargas (1:34:42)

Full Results available here.

Noja Sup Extreme – Noja, Spain

noja sup extreme 2016

The Noja Sup extreme is a long distance race (28km) taking place between “la Playa de Ris” (Noja) and “la Playa de San Martín” (Santoña) in Spain during the 8,9 and 10 of april 2016.

In the Men’s Race Pepe Oltra Sans took the win over Roman Frejo. In the women SUP race Laura Quetglas finished first followed by Ane Zulaika.

Full Results available here.

Hobie SUP Race V – Port Grimaud, France

The 5th edition of the Hobie Race City was held last sunday in Port Grimaud, France.hobie race port grimaud 2016 route
Nicolas Beynet was the first to cross the line. He won the race ahead of Gab Bachelet and Simon Gallot.

Melanie Lafenetre finished the women’s race first, followed by Ines Blatgé Lulia Veronina.

Full Results coming soon.

Mongoose CUP  –  Dana Point, California

The seventh annual Mickey Munoz Mongoose Cup took place on April 9 at Baby Beach in the Dana Point Harbor. Some top pro paddleboarders were participating in the event.

mongoosecup 2016

Men’s Races:

Danny Ching finished first in 3 different races:
He won the Men Pro Sprint Race followed by Nick Scheel, Dave Boehne and Daniel Russell.
He finished first in the 14′ Time Trial ahead of Brennan Rose, Daniel Russell and Rob Rojas.
And finally the 12’6 Time Trial ahead of Daniel Russell, Karl Ring and Nick Scheel.

Brennan Rose won in the Prone Time Trial getting ahead of Rob Rojas, Danny Ching and Dave Boehne.

Women’s Races:

Shae Foudy finished the Sprint Race first followed by Jade Howson, Lexi Alston and Alexandria Higginson.

Full Results available here.

Nicolas Jarossay Transatlantic SUP

Nicolas Jarossay, the first man trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a Stand Up Paddle -and without any assistance-, has left his departure point in Cape Verde this last Sunday. At the moment he is on his way to Martinique which is 4691km away from Cape Verde.

Here is a video of his first day on the sea !

Le départ!

Il est temps de partir!Time has come to leave!

Posté par Stand Up Paddle Transatlantic sur dimanche 10 avril 2016

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