This Weekend’s Results: Molokai 2 Oahu, Flying Fish Summer Paddle Challenge, Chain of Lakes Skyline Festival…

Molokai 2 Oahu (Hawaii)

Unlimited Men’s results:
1. Travis Grant
2. Connor Baxter
3. Titouan Puyo

Unlimited Women’s results:
1. Penelope Strickland
2. Terrene Black
3. Annabel Anderson

14′ Men’s results: 
1. Josh Riccio
2. Ludovic Dulou
3. Tomoyasu Murabayashi

14′ Women’s results: 
1. Siri Schubert


SUP to SERVE : A Paddle for a Purpose Community Fundraiser (Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA)

Flying Fish Summer Paddle Challenge 2017 (Jensen Beach, Florida, USA)

Music City SUP and Kayak Race 2017 (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

14′ Men’s results:
1. Trevor Motz
2. Ben Friberg
3. Jason Hjelseth

14′ Women’s results:
1. Sarah Perrotto
2. Karin Helfmann
3. Tammy Perkins

12’6″ Men’s results:
1. Ryan Fullerton
2. Michael Westenberger
3. Eric Hall

12’6″ Women’s results:
1. Kim Hillhouse
2. Lindsay Ford
3. Korey Montgomery

Chain of Lakes Skyline Festival (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

Corsica Giru (Corsica, France)

Men’s results:
1. Delaëre Paul-Conrad
2. Grégoire Vitry
3. Tom Villedary


Women’s results:
1. Valery Vitry
2. Aurélie De Capele
3. Laureline Beauverger

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