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In response to technology and social networks empowering today’s digital users to enhance their experience, connect and share information with anyone, anywhere and at any time, brands are looking for new ways to engage with their audience and build deeper connections. Users are increasingly becoming active creators shaping the products and services they use. TotalSUP caught up with David Walker, Founder of Paddle Logger, a user-friendly tracking application for water sports, and community builder, to talk about their, user focused approach to build engagement and grow watersports and brands. Their new Paddle Logger Paddle Club is gaining momentum with new users joining the group daily and sharing their epic SUP and paddle adventures.

Hi David, what was the vision behind creating Paddle Logger Paddle Club?

Honestly, we were seeing so many of our users getting in contact with ourselves about where they were paddling and how much they were enjoying our service. We very quickly wanted to make a space where users would be able to share and inspire each other with their awesome trips and adventures. So we set up the Paddle Logger Paddle Club, an easy to join group where users can share trips, be inspired by others, try new and different paddlesports and be motivated to get out on the water when conditions aren’t always sunny and warm!


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What are the perks of joining the Paddle Logger Paddle Club?

As the group has grown we have run exclusive competitions and giveaways. I am on it everyday, so it is a direct line for getting stickers and exclusive merchandise not available in our store. More importantly for us, we are able to ask these users questions about the app’s new features; where they paddle; feedback on new services etc. We will always be first to release our Beta Programme to the group, getting early access and a chance to directly shape the product before anyone else.


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Sounds awesome where do I join?

Exclusive to Paddle Logger users, all you have to do is get the Paddle Logger App, head to the “More” tab and select “Join our Community”. Then just answer the three questions and we will get you in as soon as we can. The group is a space to be awesome, positive and share experience and get inspired about paddling!

We do have some rules to keep it like this, and ask that if people have support requests that they contact us via the “Get support” button under the “More” tab as it means we are more likely to see it and it is easier to keep track of!

Studies show that consumers trust user generated content more than all other forms of media? What are your thoughts as a Founder and community builder?

Absolutely, anyone who follows me on Instagram, would get very bored very quickly, I am a SUPer in the UK, but that isn’t reflective of our market at all. So it is fantastic to be able to see and share other people’s journeys around the world with different forms of paddle craft. I am pretty transparent about this, (probably to my detriment) I don’t necessarily see it as a marketing tactic or ploy to increase market reach. We genuinely want to see and share the awesome and interesting stuff people are doing and our users want to see interesting content too.

Could you give examples of some of the most fascinating paddle locations that were shared?

Some really incredible journeys have been undertaken with Paddle Logger, 50+ day navigation by Kayak down the Murray River in Australia. We have seen SUPers paddle from Bimini in the Bahamas to the Florida Coastline, another epic adventure as part of the Crossing for a Cure event.

There are two things that the group constantly reminds me, people have some truly epic places to paddle on their doorstep, and island hopping in an OC is as normal as me popping down to the beach for a quick 10km SUP. The second thing is seeing how rich and diverse the paddling community is, there is always more to see, try out and achieve.


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What’s the ratio between SUP and other watersport users publishing on your platform?

Right now it’s a mix, which is awesome. Predominantly it is SUPers and kayakers, but there are also a bunch of outrigger paddlers, surfski-ers and dragon boaters! There is also a great mix of abilities, from people just starting out, or moving to try a different paddlesport, it has been really awesome seeing development in the past year. Personally having seen what awesome adventures people are doing, I will be taking to some other paddlesports in the off-season and into the 2020 season.


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What’s next for Paddle Logger Paddle Club?

We want to see the Club grow, we will be working more to share it to current users of the app in 2020 and then continue to offer exclusive early access to services, gear as well as run more competitions as well. That is something I am really keen on, doing more to motivate people on the water more, improving their paddling and expanding their comfort zone.

Ultimately that is what Paddle Logger is about, we want our users to become better paddlers, our service is a tool that enables people to see what they have achieved and are capable of achieving. In anything, you grow by gently and safely challenging at the edges of your comfort zone, with Paddler in Trouble (PiT), as a guardian service, we want to help people develop on the water and concentrate on paddling safe in the knowledge their development is being recorded and someone knows where they are.

Download the App here and join the Community from within the app under the MORE tab. 

To find out more about Paddle Logger app and it latest features, visit

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