SUP and Water Safety with One Smart App Technology

Smart, wearable technology is augmenting our lives, boosting our physical performance, awareness and general safety. This is especially critical for water sports where conditions can change very quick and water users can be caught out, drifting on a small craft awaiting rescue which can be challenging in severe weather and swell.

Paddler in Trouble (PiT), the new safety feature from Paddle Logger, a user-friendly tracking application for water sports, is now out of Public Beta and being rolled out across to the user base. Available on Pro Subscription, PiT is a feature that effortlessly turns paddlers into responsible water users. TotalSUP had an exclusive look at the app’s key features.

Personal Safety at One Click Away

With more and more people taking to the water, Paddle Logger brings a frictionless product which gives trip data encouraging more people to take a phone or a smart watch on to the water and be safer. The team’s study and countless conversations with paddlers, sailors and watermen and women all over the world of varying skill sets, have proven that the number of people who don’t take any means of communication is surprisingly high.

The benefits of Paddle Logger PiT are that if users are in an emergency situation where they are unable to access their devices or call in their location by firing a digital flare – the nominated contact will still automatically get a message and trip breakdown to take the appropriate response and actions. Users are constantly connected, until they are back safe ashore.

PiT activates the moment users start the app and begin recording their session. One button – simple. With PiT switched on, users are constantly connected to a nominated contact on land who will receive a text message with a link detailing vital information about the trip. This may be used to initiate an efficient rescue should that be required.

The Process: Go paddling, let Paddle Logger handle the rest

Download Paddle Logger and get yourself a Pro Subscription giving you full access to all of the App’s features. Set up an emergency contact, before you paddle select how long you are likely to be on the water. If you are longer than your designated time a notification is sent to your nominated contact, stating when you went paddling, how long you thought you would be and recommending that they check you are OK. As a paddler if you check in after being in Red Alert mode, a message to stand down will he sent.

You wouldn’t think of paddling without a leash, so why not a means of communication? Paddle Logger PiT aims to make safety simpler, reducing the hassle of checking in with someone ashore so it becomes second nature.

To find out more about Paddler in Trouble (PiT) new safety feature, visit Paddle Logger at

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