Fernando Stalla set for Air France Paddle Festival

4 Apr 2018

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There are only a few days left to the Air France Paddle Festival, the 1st major in The Paddle League, the event is set to see more competitors than previous years, especially international athletes all trying to win up to 100 points for the Paddle League rankings and up too 3,000,000 XPF ($30,660) in prize money. This year sees the return of Mexican paddler Fernando Stalla, after a bit of downtime he has returned to the paddle scene, the first one being the Air France Paddle Festival. TotalSUP talks to Fernando ahead of next weekends race in Tahiti.

Air France Paddle Festival 2017

ARE YOU READY ? Samedi 8 avril 2017 —> Village Ă  l'Ex Maeva Beach Ă  Punaauia

Posted by Air France Paddle Festival on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hi Fernando, it has been a while since we saw you paddle, what have been up too?

I have been mostly in Sayulita, the last international competition I took part in was the Ultimate waterman challenge in Los Canos Mexico that was last year. But now I’m back for as long as I can be and am motivated to paddle. I am back with my old time sponsor Roguesup who are now part of Boardworks and they have arrived with strong and amazing product, Roguesup are helping me to get to most of the important events,  but I have the good old brands that still give me support Virus Sport wear, Future fins , Cobian sandals, Bomber eyewear, sticky bumps , ox endurance , bestpack , JBL Spear guns.

Can you describe your recent victory in the long distance at the Mexican Nationals?

I had qualified to do all the disciplines but had to go to Miami that same weekend for work, to work on the launch of Cenote Tequila, as I’m the underwater actor for their video, so I made It back just on time for the distance race and I won the race by a considerable distance. Now I am back in Team Mexico and I am looking forward to do the ISA Worlds, the Pan-American games, as well as the Air France Paddle Games and WTT.

You have a special relationship with Tahiti, can you tell us why?

Well… Tahiti has taken my heart in many ways not just with its amazing waves and beautiful ocean, but with allowing me to find my beautiful girl and now we have a amazing little girl that was born in Tahiti where part of my heart will always be!

Follow the action  this weekend of the Air France Paddle Festival with TotalSUP , Plus live streaming on April 7 via The Paddle League Facebook page!

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