Bruno Hasulyo Leaves Starboard and Joins New Team LIGHTCORP

Breaking news! Hungarian 2017 Long Distance ISA World Champion Bruno Hasulyo is leaving a 10-year collaboration with Starboard and brother-partner-team-mate Daniel to join LIGHTCORP, a collaboration between Kayak-rooted company Nelo and surf-and-snowboard company Lightboard Corp. His paddle sponsor is also a new one. Exclusive interview!

So Bruno, it sounds like you have a big announcement to make. What’s the big news?

The big news is that after almost 10 years of cooperation with Starboard, our roads go in different directions. Our collaboration started when I was a ProKid windsurf rider, then SUP arrived , then the SUP Dream Team and the good results. Within 4 years, out of nowhere, I managed to climb up between all the best, and in 2017 I became World Champion. Starboard had a huge part in all this, and I will never forget it.

You didn’t seem unhappy under the Starboard flag. What triggered such a decision?

I made this decision because of my career. Every athlete knows that the time of peek limits the opportunities.

I have no time to waste, and when the steps are needed I take them. It wasn’t an easy decision but, it was necessary for me to grow my career. If I draw a comparison with a professional soccer player, when they leave their mother teams after many many years, usually they experience great success with their new team. This is what I want to achieve! With my new team I will be better and faster then ever!

So can you reveal who your new sponsor is?

My new Team, is LIGHTCORP, a German brand, involved in the surfboard and snowboard markets in collaboration with Nelo, the world’s most successful kayak and canoe maker who develops their RACE boards.

They have a huge experience building watercrafts and we will develop boards that no one ever saw, in terms of both technology and materials.

There is no question whether I will be racing with the best boards on the market.

To this, we are adding a partnership with Brača-Sport for my paddles, the leading manufacturer in the world of spring canoe and kayak racing, a company, again, with a huge Olympic background.

I’m in the best company I could ever imagine!

Even this year I will be following a Biodynamic Training Method made by SEPA (Strength Endurance Performance Academy).

Every year my two trainers can improve my performance by  10-15%  and I’m still haven’t reached my max, so get ready to rock’n’Roll !

You have also just moved from Bali to Barcelona, can you tell us why?

In the last 4 years I’ve been travelling, racing, getting life experiences non-stop, all around the world.

At 24, I have my ideas clear and I know what I like and what I don’t .

I believe, the Asian lifestyle is not completely matching with my life style, and oh my God food is soooooo good in Barcelona !

In the upcoming years I will be based in Europe, because this is where I feel home and because I will be racing mostly in Europe.

Off course I’m more than happy to go back to Bali to surf and for vacations but I think in the long term, Europe will be my base.

What’s happening to the SUP Broz?

To this, time will bring the answer.

When with Daniel we decided about the name (and SUPBROz is not only a name, it’s a lifestyle) we were absolutely not thinking about having different life paths in the upcoming years. The opportunities are changing and so are we.

Daniel is staying in Bangkok with Starboard, but this doesn’t mean that we disconnect. The family connection is not a brand that you can swap every year.

We have common trainers, we have common projects with SUPBROz, so the only place where I’m against my brother is when the horn blows at the start of a race.

What is 2019 looking like under your new LIGHTCORP / Braca-sport colors?

With LIGHTCORP and my coaches we created a great race calendar for 2019.

I will start with a training camp, in February and will be focusing first on the Carolina Cup.

I will be training in Porto at the Duoro Academy.

My plan is to compete in more or less 18 events: Eurotour, APP and other Leagues.

My goal is to get my world champion title back and finish in the TOP 3 of the Sup World Ranking !

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