10 Reasons to Paddle A Red Paddle Dragon!

20th June 2019

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The 2019 Red Paddle World Dragon Championships has just finished. The weekend was packed full of SUP action, and racing, with teams displaying new Dragon Paddle techniques that have been developed in the last year.

This year teams varied from veteran Dragon Paddle teams, 1st timers and ad hoc teams. Exactly what the Dragon World Championships are about! Three categories were open, mixed, ladies and mens. The teams that took the win at the Red Paddle World Dragon Champions 2019  with team Dragonfly from Latvia taking the mixed team win, French based Dragon Angels taking the Ladies and SUP Race Hungary taking the Men’s. Next year’s venue has yet to be announced but this is definitely a race that embraces the spirit of SUP, but at the same time it has a  competitive edge, that allows you to push yourself and your teams to the limit! Here are 10 reasons why you should consider paddling a Red Paddle Dragon SUP!

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1. Achieving a goal. The key to being successful in Red Paddle Dragon paddling is to paddle in synchronisation. This requires training, determination and practice. But once you have nailed it you will instantly see the results!

2. Building confidence. Once you have created a great technique, you will be able to increase your speed and efficiency.  You will start to control your races and achieve good results.

Photo Credit: Red Paddle

3. Friendships. Two days of family friendly competing in the sunshine, if you like SUP then this is the place for you! Teams from around the world were present for the Red Paddle Dragon World Championships. Teams from Latvia, France, UK, India and Russia were all present. The competition was also open to solo paddlers, so if you have no team you can turn up and find a team!

Photo Credit: Red Paddle

4. You’ll explore new places. Get addicted to the sport and you can go to the  Red Paddle Dragon World Championships. The championships move location each year, in 2017 the were in the Bahamas, 2018 Fuschlseebad. This year the RW 19 took place in the beautiful setting of Lake Annecy, France. Next year we will no doubt be treated to another stunning location!

Photo Credit: Red Paddle

5. Paddling on an unique SUP board design. The board is fast, don’t be mistaken by the size of the board! The 22’0 Dragon retains the same features as most of the Race family including profiled nose slim body and high sides so that it rises out of the water and slices through the waves. The Red Dragon Paddle is also super stable, the flat edge design makes it stable, the fin box has been moved further back to allow for killer turns, plus on the underside of the Red Paddle Dragon SUP is a nose runner which gives the board more traction as it cuts through the water.

Photo Credit: Red Paddle

6. Motivation. The Red Paddle Dragon World Championships is held every year. It is getting faster and competitive, but it is also fun! Teams are developing their own specific technique for buoy turns, so what didn’t work for you this year, you can spend the next year perfecting. The return for the Dragon World Championships 2020 and take the win!

7. Killer Buoy turns. The Red Paddle Dragon board has a discreet angle at the tail, this means that the person at the rear can do a perfect step back, and execute a step back turn. Exactly the same as you would on a normal single person SUP board. Meaning that after training on the Red Paddle Dragon you will be an epic paddler on the solo SUP boards.

Photo Credit: Red Paddle

8. Overcoming obstacles. Paddling in a team isn’t easy. But with the right amount of training you will become more efficient. Paddling against a head wind isn’t easy either. But again training and technique practice will help overcome it.  Paddling in a team of 4 will allow each person to lift you and support you through the difficult parts of paddling a Red Paddle Dragon SUP. You will develop a great technique for Red Paddle Dragon SUP paddling!

Photo Credit: Red Paddle

9. Team Work. The Red Paddle World Championship is all about team work, if you fail to work in a team then you will suffer. That said the level of comardry in the championship will pull you through when you are feeling the pressure!

Photo Credit: Red Paddle

10. Try a new variation of SUP. SUP is expanding. There is SUP race, SUP surf, white water SUP, SUP touring, and this is something else to try! So if you are ready to get your team together and try Dragon Paddle SUP, contact your nearest dealer at Red Paddle.  Unleash the Dragon and see you at the 2020 Red Paddle  Dragon World Championships!

Here are the official results of the Red Paddle Co Dragon Championships!

Mixed Team 
1. Dragonfly
2. Gla gla team
3. Dragons Malouin

1. Dragon angels
2. The Flamingo Team
3. Bzh Ladies

1. Sup Race Hungary
2. Will et ses 3 freres
3. Wet Turtles

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