Tino Aja’s Barcelona SUP Surf Stopover

Spain's SUP surfing champion Tino Aja stunned the surfing crowd on Mar Bella Beach in Barcelona, Spain on Monday night. On his way to Murcia for the last leg of the Spanish SUP Race Circuit, Tino, from Suances in beautiful Cantabria, North of Spain, took advantage of an unexpected swell in the catalan capital to get a bit of action. Outdoor & Watersports photographer Albert P. Laborda happened to be there by chance, and so was Matt, TotalSUP's editor-in-chief … trying not to drown. 

The result is the amazing set of photos below with one of Barcelona's famous landmarks in the background, the W Hotel. 

Tino owns a surf and sup school called Los Locos in Suances.He is 44 and has been surfing for 32 years. He is Spain's 2012 SUP Surf champion and European Champion 2013 and was qualified for the ISA world championships in 2012. He is also a mean SUP racer. 

Board used: Starboard Air Born 7'1 x 28


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