Go Green on Black Friday with Paddle Logger sustainable SUP apparel & new app offers

Green is the new black! Embracing purpose and sustainability, Paddle Logger, a user-friendly tracking application for water sports, has joined brands across the globe who have come up with unique and alternative offering for the coming up Black Friday craze. TotalSUP caught up with David Walker, Founder of Paddle Logger, to chat about their eco-friendly SUP apparel, the Buy One, Get One Tree initiative, special offers for new app subscribers and the call for Brand Ambassadors.

Hi David, you’re not slowing down and there seem to be some exciting stuff in the pipeline!

Certainly not!! It seems that when the weather starts to cool, the water is less inviting (cold), we really get a chance to focus on new stuff for the next year!! Autumn is usually a very busy time for us in the development cycle, we know the bulk of our paddlers are out there less, all the new technology has just been released, so it is a perfect opportunity to spend some time developing some awesome stuff for when a lot of our community heads back to the water in Spring.

Could you share a sneak peak of what Paddle Logger is up to gearing up for the holiday season?

Absolutely, so straight off the bat the Paddle Logger Pro Annual subscription will have an offer on for new subscribers. So if you have been thinking about investing in Pro and plan on being on the water next year, it will be a great deal that gives you access to our safety features, more detailed data and enhanced logbook.

If you want to get your hands on some Paddle Logger Apparel as an early gift to yourself, this year we’re focusing on sustainability and for every item of clothing purchased a tree will be planted. This unique offer starts now and will run until the 3rd December 2019 – though hopefully this programme will be brought back for the rest of the year as well!

Could you tell us more about Paddle Logger apparel?

Apparel hasn’t been a huge priority for us, we are focused and dedicated on our core product and the clothing is a ‘nice to have’. That being said – it is a very nice to have!! We partnered with Teemill for a number of reasons, they print everything to order meaning that we do not have any unsold product. Each item has a barcode that allows you to trace the production all the way back, via the renewable energy powered factory in the UK to the Organic cotton fields where the raw material is grown. They are super soft, super ethical and we think that is awesome! Plus, if you send back your old T-shirt you get money off a new one and they recycle the fabric for new T-shirts.

You’re doing a lot of cold water SUP. Could you share some tips for paddlers looking to paddle over Winter?

Take Paddle Logger PiT and get the layers right. Too many and you will overheat very quickly, too few and if you do take a dip, you may struggle to stay warm or warm back up again. Remember you can always remove thin layers depending on the type of paddling you are doing. I can recommend having a read of SUPUrban’s post about this last year!

Paddle Logger is the perfect companion for those aiming to paddle solo. Why is it important to have safety features at hand when paddling in Winter?

Getting the layers wrong or being ill prepared for the conditions and the type of paddling you are doing can have dire consequences all year round – but I think it is especially true of the Winter. If you do get into difficulty, taking PiT will ensure that, should you get into difficulty, someone knows where you have gone and you have a device with you that enables you to call for help and alert the Coastguard.

What are the latest developments of the app?

As I inferred earlier, this is a time for us to really do some development work and you will see across the period numerous updates to our service. So even if you are off the water do keep an eye on the app and get familiar with the new updates. We played around with the design to bring in more detailed features but retain the clean, uncomplicated, familiar aesthetic and I particularly love the complete Dark Mode compatibility which we brought in as soon as we were ready to release. We have also improved the detail of our Pro service, you can now see a breakdown of your time across the trip and view each km (or mile) on the Trip Map as well as record your craft for each trip. Meaning you can now build your digital quiver!

Aside from the bits you can see, there is also a lot that may not appear completely obvious, for example the Standalone Watch App now means that technically you never need your iPhone to Download Paddle Logger and go on a Trip – though you may want it to view your journeys and logbook!


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What are your plans for Paddle Logger and Paddle Logger Paddle Club in 2020?

Well before that, we are actually starting an Ambassador Programme and the call has gone out for people to apply – though as I type this, our first round is almost full already! However this will continue to run across the next few years and hopefully grow. We want advocates and Paddle Logger power users of all types to apply and help us grow the brand to engage with more people on the water. The Paddle Club has been awesome to see grow over the past 11 months, we have paddlers from all over the world sharing their adventures and taking inspiration from each other – hopefully as more people join we will be able to start organising Paddle Logger meet-ups and events, really get people together and share the love of paddling!

Future plans – well you will just have to wait and see
 rest assured we are currently working on some big stuff for next year!

Download the App here and join the Community from within the app under the MORE tab. 

To find out more about Paddle Logger app and latest features, visit

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