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From the very beginning Ethan Huff was hooked on the sport of SUP and dove head first into trying to learn everything he could right away. From becoming an ASI (Academy of Surf Instructors) certified SUP instructor and developing his own skills, Ethan has carved out his own path in the world of SUP instruction in order to help more people improve their technique and enjoy the sport. He has since created numerous amounts of online educational content that can be easily accessed by everyone. In Spring of 2022, he launched his YouTube channel to share paddle boarding tips and techniques so that more people could have easy access to quality SUP coaching no matter where they lived. His online community of paddlers has recently grown to over 10K and Ethan is genuinely stoked to continue to growing with his audience in terms of everyone’s paddle boarding abilities. Lastly as a Paddle Logger advocate, Ethan provides us with valuable information about using the app to improve his overall fitness and achieve his personal paddling goals.

Hi Ethan! Welcome to TotalSUP! How is the weather over there in Baja, Mexico?

Thanks! The weather here in Baja is fantastic. It’s a beautiful start to 2024 with warm temperatures and ideal winds for exciting downwind adventures. It’s truly a great time to be enjoying the outdoors in this region. I am making the most of the weather and I am having lots of fantastic times out on the water!

Amazing! How did you first get into stand up paddling? Tell about your journey to becoming a SUP fitness and training instructor?

I got into SUP after I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my wife in 2018 and saw some people paddle boarding on the ocean there. I thought it looked like a ton of fun and I was looking for a new water sport to get into. So, I purchased an all-around paddle board and was hooked after the first few sessions.

I soon realized though just how much more there was to learn in terms of correct form and technique. I was having fun but could tell immediately I was not paddling efficiently. This led to me eventually becoming a certified SUP instructor with ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) a year later as my hunger for knowledge grew along with my desire to share that knowledge with other stand up paddle boarders.

As the years continued my passion to reach more people with quality paddle board education continued to grow as well. I knew there were so many others out there who were like me, eager to learn more but having little access to that information. So, in spring of 2022 I launched my YouTube channel dedicated to SUP education using the Learn, Paddle, Repeat method. Since that time our community has grown to almost 10,000 subscribers with some incredible stories of people accomplishing their paddle boarding goals.

That is incredible! Can you tell us a bit about how you use Paddle Logger primarily? Is it to track your fitness? Track your routes?

I primarily use Paddle Logger to keep track of my fitness and distances. Over the past year I’ve gone head strong into the world of SUP racing and so much of my time spent on the water has significantly increased as I increase my fitness. Paddle Logger allows me to have peace of mind that all my stats will be safely saved when I can review them after each session.

Tracking your fitness and distance is definitely important! What else is important training with a GPS tracking device specifically for you?

For me it’s important for safety and comparing paddle sessions. In terms of safety, I use Paddle Logger’s PaddleLIVE feature where my wife can keep track of where I am on the water. I also enjoy having a GPS tracking device to keep track of all of the locations where I’ve paddled. That way when I compare paddle sessions, I can see the different routes I took and what kind of conditions affected my paddle session on those days with my notes.

PaddleLIVE is a very unique feature with Paddler Logger! How would you recommend other paddlers to train with Paddle Logger?

I recommend paddlers to make use of their heart rate data. During a paddle session you can keep track of your live heart rate on your watch to make sure you’re training in the correct zone, then after the paddle session you can see how long you paddled in each heart rate zone. This is a great feature for paddlers to use to make sure they are not over doing it, and staying in their workout plans designated HR zones.

Do you have a favorite feature to use with Paddle Logger and if so, what is it and why?

My favorite feature is the heart rate data as I mentioned above, along with the simple and very clear way that Paddle Logger displays that information in the app. This data helps me achieve my goal of improving my aerobic base, and essentially helps me get faster!

We noticed that you’re based in Baja! What is your favorite thing about paddling down there?

Well, there’s definitely a lot to like but the best thing is the weather! Baja, California Sur is a Mexican State on the west coast of the country. As a matter of fact because of where the state is located in proximity to the Equator you can paddle year-round here! The summer months are great for exploring the remote coastline and the winter months are great for some downwind runs because the wind picks up quite a bit.

Wow! That is great! We’d also love to know – What does your training routine look like on a daily basis?

Right now, my daily training starts off with a paddle session in the morning which ranges usually from 50 minutes to 1hour and 30 minutes. Then in the afternoons I focus on either strength training or mobility. Another large part of my time is focused on learning different training methods as well as refining my own. I’ve worked with coaches like Michael Booth to help improve my technique, and I’ve been seeing many improvements recently!

Keep working hard Ethan! We are so stoked for you! What are some paddling goals you have for 2024? How does Paddle Logger help you keep track of those goals?

My three biggest goals for this year are:

1.    Compete at the ICF Worlds in Florida

2.    Paddle a sub 1hr 10k

3.    Launch my new online training club.

Paddle Logger plays a major role in helping me keep track of my fitness progress as I seek to take my paddling to new levels.

Fantastic! We look forward to seeing you crush your goals this year! Is there anything else you would like to share or add with emphasis towards your paddling journey and using Paddle Logger?

I simply want to say thank you to all the other people and companies such as Paddle Logger who dedicate so much time and effort to taking our sport to new heights. It’s not an easy journey but the lives that are being impacted by it are so worth it. Paddling continues to improve the quality of life for so many people, so thank you very much!

We are so stoked for you Ethan to continue your instruction and training journey with Paddle Logger by your side. We hope you have a great rest of your year training, and we look forward to seeing you at the ICF World Championships in Sarasota, Florida in November!

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