The Cosmic Experience, Bali – The 1st Longboard SUP Surf Only Competition!

The 2023 Cosmic Experience event has been announced! Focused uniquely on the Longboard SUP surf aspect of paddleboarding, the event will be held in Sanur, Bali on the 7th to 10th April 2023. The event will host an assembly of diehard longboard SUP surfers, Australian and past world champions, but it is also open to all connoisseurs of the Longboard SUP style of surfing! This is an event to show your skills and love for longboard SUP surfing, and whilst harnassing the energy from the wave.  The organiser Michael Jenkins (aka MJ), developed the idea out of a passion for longboard SUP surfing. Michael is also the driving force behind the Longboard SUP revolution, a following grown out of the love for longboard SUP surfing!

How do you get involved?

First of all register here! The event is open to all those SUP surfers who ride a 9ft plus longboard style of SUP.  Lets get involved and grow this niche for longboard SUP surfing!

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Helen Trehoret

SUP, OC1, V6, Surfski ... and field hockey coaching, Helen is a busy British mother of two who lives in Bretagne, France with a passion for all things Ocean. Helen runs Barrachou SUP, a SUP tour company specialized in excursions around Bretagne and Scotland.

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