2017 ISA SUP and Paddleboard Championship: Presenting Team Denmark

Team Denmark

Team Members:

Christian Andersen- 01/08/2001- SUP Surf, Long Distance, Technical Race

“I’m really happy and excited to be on the Danish team this year for my first world championships and to be competing in so many disciplines. I’m looking forward to meeting the other teams. I can’t wait.”

Oliver Hartkopp- 10/15/1995- SUP Surf

Annette Qvistgaard- SUP Surf

Annette Carsing- 04/16/ 1973- SUP Surf 

Mads Ring- 06/29/1988- Long Distance

“Racing in my former backyard (Copenhagen) is going to be nothing but epic. I could never imagine such an event being held right in the middle of the vibrant harbour of CPH. Having the rest of event in my new home of Vorup√łr is gonna be even more fun as I will concentrate on supporting my competing teammates and have the beers they are missing out on.”

Nicoline Rasmussen- 04/23/1988- Long Distance, Technical Race, Sprint

Lucinde Albrecth- 04/20/1971- Long Distance

Casper Steinfath- 11/05/1993- Technical Race, Sprint

Cathrine Yde- 01/27/1983- Technical Race

Katrine Zinck Leth-Espesen- 01/04/1990- Prone Paddleboard

“It is the first time I am competing at an ISA competition. I am very excited and proud of being part of the Danish team. I have been competing in Board paddling in the sport of Surf Lifesaving, and I look very much forward to thy the prone-paddling disciplines.”

Christian Justesen- 02/25/1994- Prone Paddleboard

Team Manager:

Hans Lindborg- 12/25/1973

“I am really stoked about the upcoming ISA World Championships to take place here in Denmark. As team manager it is amazing to work with such great people. It‚Äôs going to be a very special feeling to help the team make the best of these World Championships in our very own backyard.”


Niels Lonborg- 03/07/1978

Long Distance: Christian Andersen – Mads Ring –¬†Nicoline Rasmussen –¬†Lucinde Albrecth

SUP Surf: Christian Andersen –¬†Oliver Hartkopp –¬†Annette Qvistgaard –¬†Annette Carsing

Technical Race: Christian Andersen –¬†Casper Steinfath – Nicoline Rasmussen –¬†Cathrine Yde

Sprint:¬†Nicoline Rasmussen –¬†Casper Steinfath

Prone Paddleboard: Katrine Leth-Espesen РChristian Justesen

Team Manager: Hans Lindborg

Coach: Niels Lonborg

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