France Crowned European Champions for the 4th time – Results of EUROSUP 22 Denmark

What a week it has been in Hvide Sande, Denmark! The European Stand Up Paddle Championships under the governance of the European Surfing Federation came back four years after EUROSUP 2018 Sardinia to deliver an absolute world-class SUP Surf and SUP Race competition over 8 days on the West coast of Denmark under an astonishingly radiant blue sky (we were told to prepare for the worst weather-wise before the event!). Organized by the Danish SUP & Surf Federation – please note the addition of the acronym ‘SUP’ in the official Danish Federation name which will hopefully inspire other federations to do the same – and integrated within the annual Hvide Sande watersports festival known as Waterz, EUROSUP 22 had more than 200 competitors representing 16 countries (10 more than in 2018) in 4 individual disciplines and 1 team event.

The competition started on Saturday August 27 with a 3-day SUP surf competition which crowned the very first European champions on Monday 29th. Followed 5 days of SUP racing with a much deserved lay-day on the Thursday: Sprints on Tuesday, Long Distance on Wednesday and Technical Race on Friday. The last day, Saturday September 3rd closed the event with a team relay race.

It has to be noted that the big novelty of EUROSUP 22 DENMARK is the addition for the very first time in EUROSUP history of the Juniors (1 girl, 1 boy per event) in all disciplines. The juniors made their first appearance on an event governed by an international-surfing federation in 2018 at the ISA Worlds, also in 2019, but only in the Technical Race event. This brought many new faces and already some world-class performances, the strongest of which being that of the Italian junior girl Cecilia Pampinella who was unbeatable in all individual junior racing disciplines and won 3 gold medals, the only athlete to do so, all categories combined.

Under the captainship of 3-time world champion Titouan Puyo, who collected his 4th and 5th European titles in Hvide Sande in the Long Distance and in the Technical Race, Team France took an early lead from Day 1 and commanded the nation rankings until the very last day, when they finished their competition in style with another gold medal in the relay race with a team made of 2 junior boys (Vaïc Garioud & Simon Ackerman) and 2 women. On Saturday morning, France was crowned European Champions for the 4th consecutive time in as many EUROSUP competitions (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2022). The battle for 2nd place had to wait until the Technical Race day on Friday and a very solid Spanish Tormenta ended also for the 4th time on the EUROSUP podium. Italy (3rd) make their first appearance in a EUROSUP top 4, beating Team Denmark (4th) who were 2nd in 2018.

>>All Podiums and Livestream Replays below!

EUROSUP 22 Denmark – European Nation Podium

1. France
2. Spain
3. Italy
4. Denmark

EUROSUP 22 Denmark – SUP Surf Results

Junior Girls’ SUP Surf Podium
1. Tiphaine Maillard – FRA
2. Joana Andrade – POR
3. Annabel Page – ENG
4. Marina Loyaza – ESP

Junior Boys’ SUP Surf Podium
1. Noa Stender – DEN
2. Titouan Pajot – FRA
3. Guilherme Olim – POR
4. Benjamin Kohl – GER

Women’s SUP Surf Podium
1. Camille Dubrana – FRA
2. Alazne Aurrecoechea – ESP
3. Iballa Ruano Moreno – ESP
4. Paulina Herpel – GER

Men’s SUP Surf Podium
1. Guillermo Carracedo – ESP
2. Benoît Carpentier – FRA
3. Leonard Nika – ITA
4. Airton Cozzolino – ITA

EUROSUP 22  DENMARK – Sprints Results

Junior Girls’ Sprint Podium
1. Cecilia Pampinella – ITA
2. Elene Etxeberria – ESP
3. Katrine Bergmann – DEN
4. Tiphaine Maillard – FRA

Junior Boys’ Sprint Podium
1. Lucas Simoncelli – ESP
2. Guilherme Olim – POR
3. Simon Ackerman – FRA
4. Will Keetley – ENG

Women’s Sprint Podium
1. Caroline Küntzel – DEN
2. Duna Gordillo – ESP
3. Emily Evans – WAL
4. Amandine Chazot – FRA

Men’s Sprint Podium
1. Claudio Nika – ITA
2. Clément Colmas – FRA
3. Christian Andersen – DEN
4. Titouan Puyo – FRA

EUROSUP 22  DENMARK – Long Distance Results

Junior Girls’ LD Podium
1. Cecilia Pampinella – ITA
2. Sonia Caimari – ESP
3. Leonor Jardim – POR
4. Josephina Karst – GER

Junior Boys’ LD Podium
1. Lucas Simoncelli – ESP
2. Simon Ackerman – FRA
3. Guilherm Olim – POR
4. Asger Smidt – DEN

Women’s LD Podium
1. Esperanza Barreras – ESP
2. Amandine Chazot – FRA
3. Laura Quetglas – ESP
4. Mélanie Lafenêtre – FRA

Men’s LD Podium
1. Titouan Puyo – FRA
2. Noïc Garioud – FRA
3. Christian Andersen – DEN
4. Donato Freens – NLD

EUROSUP 22  DENMARK – Technical Race Results

Junior Girls’ TR Podium
1. Cecilia Pampinella – ITA
2. Elene Etxeberria – ESP
3. Leonor Jardim – POR
4. Josephina Karst – GER

Junior Boys’ TR Podium
1. Vaïc Garioud – FRA
2. Asger Smidt – DEN
3. Augusto Garcia – ESP
4. Guilherme Olim – POR

Women’s TR Podium
1. Mélanie Lafenêtre – FRA
2. Esperanza Barreras – ESP
3. Duna Gordillo – ESP
4. Anna Tschirky – SUI

Men’s TR Podium
1. Titouan Puyo – FRA
2. Clément Colmas – FRA
3. Ricardo Rossi – ITA
4. Christian Andersen – DEN

EUROSUP 22  DENMARK – Relay Race Results

1. France 
Simon Ackerman (Junior), Amandine Chazot, Vaïc Garioud (Junior), Mélanie Lafenêtre
2. Spain 
Antonio Morillo, Duna Gordillo, Esperanza Barreras, Rafael Sirvent
3. Italy
Claudio Nika, Cecilia Pampinella (Junior), Tomasso Pampinella, Caterina Stenta
4. Denmark 
Noa Stender, Nicoline Rasmussun, Caroline Küntzel, Christian Andersen


SUP SURF – Qualifying Rounds + Repechage Rounds

SUP SURF – Finals

Sprints – Qualifying Rounds

Sprints – Finals

Long Distance Juniors

Long Distance – Men’s / Women’s

Technical Race – Qualifiying Rounds

Technical Race –  Finals

Day 8 – Relay Races – Qualifing rounds

Relay race final


Prize Ceremony + Closure

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