EUROSUP Sardinia: 3rd Consecutive European Title for Team France

Translated and adapted from the Fédération Française de Surf’s press release 

Team France won a 3rd European title at EUROSUP Sardinia, in as many editions of the Stand-Up Paddle European Championships this Saturday in Torre Grande, Sardinia (Italy). Unfortunately, the Sup Surf event was canceled due to a lack of waves. The French won the overall rankings ahead of Denmark and Spain thanks to 3 gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronze in Race.

The French Stand Up Paddle Team that made the trip to the Mediterranean destination of Torre Grance did what was needed to maintain its continental supremacy. “Les bleus” dominated the competition in Sup Race by winning three races out of four, the three selected athletes reaching each time the podium.

Martin Vitry, Mister EUROSUP Sardinia 2018

With two gold medals, Martin Vitry is the big winner of this EuroSup 2018. The rider from Normandy won both the technical and long distance races, dominating in both cases and in the same order, the Danish viking Casper Steinfath and his teammate Tom Auber. Vitry impressed in both races, with his technique, stamina and mental strength.

Olivia Piana, one Gold one Silver

Four-time European champion Olivia Piana had never lost a race in the first two editions. Winner of the technical race on Wednesday, the French southerner was taken by surprise by the obstinacy of Spanish rider Laura Quetglas in the long distance on Friday.

The surfers disappointed

After 8 days of waiting, Sup Surfers were unfortunately not able to compete due to the lack of minimum conditions during the week. Hoping for the arrival of a small swell on Saturday, the organisers finally canceled the last day due to the cruel lack of waves.

Team Spirit

The three French SUP surfers Benoit Carpentier, Alexis Deniel and Caroline Angibaud were in any case ready to fight, and were constantly supporting their teammates. Let’s not forget Mélanie Lafenêtre, a very promising French racer who joined the event as a training partner and for a first taste of the French team. This beautiful cohesion to any test offers France its third consecutive title of nations in as many editions.

Conquering France

The fight was far from being won in advance. The end of Olivia Piana’s unbeaten run, the cancellation of the Sup Surf event and the lack of team-competition experience from Martin Vitry and Tom Auber could have played against the conquest of a third crown.

Driven by the team spirit instilled by Serge Lougarot and Vincent Verhoeven, Les Bleus were conquerors. The two victories of Vitry, the gold of Piana on the technical and the two bronze medals of Auber will bring enough points to the French so that they raise, all together, the trophy of European champion 2018.

The FFS produced the following summary video with Technical Director Serge Lougarot’s comments (in French)

2019 or 2020?

After France (2016), Portugal (2017) and Italy (2018), the European Federation will soon announce the dates of the 4th edition of EuroSup … which could possibly become biennial instead of yearly.

Results of EUROSUP Sardinia 2018

1. France 5320 pts
2. Denmark 4226 pts
3. Spain 4081 pts
4. Italy 3516 pts
5. Portugal 3471 pts
6. Sweden 2923 pts
7. Germany 2831 pts
8. England 1340 pts
9. Ireland 912 pts
10. Wales 0 pt

Men’s long distance
1. Martin Vitry (France) in 1h24’27
2. Casper Steinfath (Denmark) 1h24’42
3. Tom Auber (France) 1h24’51
4. Federico Esposito (Italy) 1h24’54
5. Leo Nika (Italy) 1h25’02

Women’s long distance
1. Laura Quetglas (Spain) in 1h32’41
2. Olivia Piana (France) 1h33’01
3. Marie Buchanan (England) 1h36’53
4. Angela Fernandes (Portugal) 1h37’07
5. Caterina Stenta (Italy) 1h39’56

Men’s Technical Race
1. Martin Vitry (France) in 32.15
2. Casper Steinfath (Denmark) 32.34
3. Tom Auber (France) 33.12
4. Christian Andersen (Denmark) 33.58
5. Rafael Sirvent (Spain) 34.15

Women’s Technical Race
1. Olivia Piana (France) in 34.42
2. Laura Quetglas (Spain) 35.30
3. Angela Fernandes (Portugal) 37.07
4. Nicoline Rasmussen (Danemark) 37.17
5. Marie Buchanan (Angleterre) 37.43

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