Corsica Paddle Trophy: Race in Mediterranean Paradise!

Are you looking for warm azure waters? Paddling in white sand and with clear blue skies? Are you looking for a paddle race in a destination that your friends will envy? Then visit Corsica, an island sparkling in the azur seas of the mediterranean, and take part in the Corsican Paddle Trophy Race, a race that will leave you rejuvenated.

Want to know more about the Corsican Paddle Trophy? Well read on….

Every event that is organised often comes from a person passionate about the sport itself, and The Corisca Paddle Trophy is no different.   Daniel Damien and his partners will organise ganised the second Corsica Paddle Trophy. Set to take place from the 16th to the 18th October 2020. This is the event where you can blow off the post lockdown cobwebs and get into to competition mode!

Organiser Daniel Damien talks to TotalSUP about the event, which is open to seasoned adventurers, as well as new and experienced SUP racers.

Can you give the background to the race?

In 2018 during a trip to¬† Corsica I paddled around the area of Porto-Vechio, and discovered a myrid of beautiful places. I discovered that Corsica is a magical playground that offers breathtaking landscapes. It was here that I had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching the event: Corsica Paddle Tour, an event that would be held¬† in several stages. Thus the Corsica Paddle Trophy was born!

I have assembled a good team, Am√©lie de Robiano, G√©rard Fusil and Ga√©tan S√©n√©, they all come with a good knowledge of sports events and particularly in the SUP race event Morbihan Paddle Trophy team. We are also joined by Laurent Lorenzini from Lin√©a who helps organise our event, Laurent has¬† good local knowledge¬† and, finally we have Damien Grimont, from Profil Grand Large, who worked on the SNSM’s Mille SUP race.

There are 3 races scheduled to take place, the 18 KM elite race, the 10 KM Amateur and 4 KM leisure race, all spread over 3 days. We have designed and launched “Paddle Packs”, which have been designed to suit each different paddle, and their needs. A description of each pack can be seen on our events web page¬†

You offer different race packs, which include races for amateurs as well those for the “chargers”, What was the idea behind this?

The idea behind the Corsica Paddle Trophy, was it to become a benchmark race, we looked for an unique selling point, and an unique concept. So¬† thus we developed a selection of race packs, which range from the ‚Äúall inclusive‚ÄĚ ( which includes the boat from Toulon, the races, accommadation) to the weekend ‚Äúrace pack‚ÄĚ, which is aimed at those already resident in Corsica.¬† Those who are accompanying the racers will also be allowed to stay at the holiday village, if they wish, or they can arrange their own accommadation.

The idea is that the Corsica Paddle Trophy is paddle party, there is a party in the evening so racers will be treated to a Corsican party on the Monday evening. They will also be treated to  an array of local products and an great Corsican party atmosphere.


Travel Information

Interested in heading over to Corsica? Here’s how to get there!

Flights – Flights are available to the main city, Ajaccio with Easjet, British Airways and Air Corsica!

Ferry – Alternatively if you want to take your van head over with corsican Ferries!

Thirsty for Paddle Action? Ready to Join the Corsican Paddle Party?

Enter now at Corsica Paddle Trophy!

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