What Happened in the SUP World This Weekend

A quick report on the events that took place while you were unplugged. Today we'll look at the Pro SUP race that unfolded at the Noosa Festival of Surfing and the Swell Beach Series 2016.


Pro SUP race at the Noosa Festival of Surfing

This week-end, the Noosa Festival in Australia had some top pro riders race together. Among others, Michael Booth, James Casey, Jake Jenson, Toby Cracknell, Trevor Tunnington and Matt Nottage were all taking part of the race.

Michael Booth won the long distance race with a winning time of 1:07:15.0.

Toby Cracknell won the BOP race with a winning time of 27:19.1 by narrowly defeating Michael Booth who was only down 1.8sec.



The boys pushing hard @noosa_festival_of_surfing, stoked to run over the line 1st. @mgbooth @naishsup

Une vidéo publiée par Toby Cracknell (@toby_cracknell) le



Karla Gilbert won both the female BOP and long distance race with respective winning time of 33:15.1 and 1:21:12.6.

Full results available here: BOP Race, Long Distance Race.

Women Race : BOP Race, Long Distance Race.


If you like SUP dogs and you want to know more about the Noosa Festival of Surfing watch this video:


Swell Beach Series 2016

The third leg of the 2016 Sweel Beach Series took place this last sunday in Brittany, France. The event was made up of a Beach Race and a LongSUP freestyle contest.
The winner of the Beach Race was Martin Letourneur followed by Joseph Gueguin for the second place and Tom Auber for the third place.
Martin Letourneur was also the winner of the LongSUP freestyle contest, Théo Vigoureux came second and Sylvain Plady third.


Thailand SUP Festival

Here are the result of this event !

Men’s Distance Race
1st: Bruno Hasulyo (Hungary / Starboard) 0:44:09
2nd: Daniel Hasulyo (Hungary / Starboard) 0:44:16
3rd: Ollie O’Reilly (UK / Starboard) 0:47:45

Women’s Distance Race
1st: Kristy Morris (Australia / Starboard) 0:55:10
2nd: Rachel Ng (Singapore / Naish) 1:03:43
3rd: Kate Johnson (New Zealand / n/a) 1:06:21

Men’s 200m Sprints
1st: Daniel Hasulyo (Hungary / Starboard) 0:02:24
2nd: Bruno Hasulyo (Hungary / Starboard) 0:02:29
3rd: Tomoyasu ‘Tomo’ Murabayashi (Japan / Starboard) 0:02:35

Women’s 200m Sprints
1st: Kristy Morris (Australia / Starboard) 0:03:01
2nd: Rachel Ng (Singapore / Naish) 0:03:14
3rd: Kate Johnson (New Zealand / n/a) 0:03:20

Under 16s
1st: Nop Prutsa (Thailand)
2nd: William Smart (Canada)
3rd: Kaya Freeman (Thailand)

Team Relay
1st: Team Starboard
2nd: Team Singapore

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