The Outdoormix Festival, more successful every year

3rd June 2016

The Outdoormix has become the starting point for all outdoor sports lovers in the French department of Hautes-Alpes. For this 4th edition, which took place from May 13th to 16th, it reunited 400 riders, 10.000 festival-goers and about 50.000 visitors who enjoyed the shows and animations on the event village.


An international event


The Outdoormix’s fame has crossed many borders for its program as much as for the unique spots Hautes Alpes have to offer. Riders came from Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Canada, America, Argentina, Estonia, England, Germany to practice kayak, longboard, kitesurf, windsurf, stand up paddle, slackline, mountain bike …


River Sup and Technical Race with international athletes


Hautes-Alpes is a hotspot for any white-water sport and offer a wide variety of River Sup spots. The Outdoormix Festival knows it and wants to share it with the world by organizing, thanks to Nicolas Fayol and Jérôme Alberto a race for this emerging sport.

Amongst the paddlers were Dan Gavere from the USA and the two Germans Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Valentin Illichmann from the Fanatic team, our official partner.

There were two main races, the first was 4 km long with rapids and various waves, among which, the famous Clapière as well as other navigational tricks. The second was a SUP Cross, much shorter and laid around the Clapière wave.


Of course Dan Gavere won both races dominating with his style and technicity:

1 Gavere Dan               usa       Starboard

2 Fayol Nicolas             fra        JP Australia

3 Steineir Kai-Nicolas ger         Fanatic

3 Illichmann Valentin ger        Fanatic

5 Hüter Tobias             ger        Starboard

6 Laugerat Jeremy      fra        Aqua- design

7 Kurmis Carsten         ger        Starboard

8 Alberto Jérôme        fra        Red Paddle

9 Zerbini Melinda        fra        Aqua-design

10 Basone Willy           ita         Safe


Regarding the flat race, the Outdoormix was part of the Alpine Lakes Tour with both a long (10 km) and a short (5 km) race. Paddlers could show off on the plan d’eau (Serre-Ponçon Lake) right by the event village. For men, Dan Gavere (USA) won again the long race with Hervé Rota (FRA) in second place and Luca Cassolo (ITA) in third. For the women, Céline Mélanie arrived first in front of Julia Maruani (FRA). In short distance, Jérémy Laugat (FRA) got the first place in front of Nicolas Chassaing (FRA) and Vincent Wuidart (SUI) for the men, whereas for the women it’s Sandrine Genet who go first place in front of the Slovenian Kralj Köstner and the Italian Anna Maria Albertone.

The Outdoormix Festival is only at its 4th year and has a strong will to push its limit and always offer more to the riders!


Marianne Fabre – PR – – +33 6 46 66 58 63

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