SUP Training: the Windshield Wipers Explained and Demonstrated by Robert Norman

22 year old Instagram SUP training sensation, Robert Norman, is our new ambassador in Florida! This professional and fun personal trainer and exercise instructor has been paddling since July 2014 and competed in his first event February 2015. He is already backed by SUP Gladiator Race Fins, and is on the rise within the SUP racing world. Here is his first demo exercice and one of his favorites: the Windshield Wipers!

Une vidéo publiée par Robert Norman (@_super_robert_) le


Exercises promoting rotational strength and stability through the torso are highly beneficial to stand up paddleboarders of all skill levels. The core sets the foundation for upright stability on the board and for power through the paddle stroke. An excellent exercise to promote strength through the hips are windshield wipers. As seen in the video, this is a high level variation of the movement, that engages the torso and hips in a full rotational movement. 

Before starting on the bar, you can start with an easier progressions on the floor (picture below). The straighter the legs are, the more weight leverage is transferred to the core belt, increasing difficulty. Start with bent legs and rotate them back and fourth, using the arms to stabilize your upperbody. Introducing a weighted ball between the feet is the next step in this progression before moving on.


The next progression is moving to the bar, but cutting the range of motion in half. Start from a hanging position and bring your toes to the bars, from there squeeze your abs and rotate the hips side to side (picture below).


Any of these three exercises are an excellent addition to any core related routine. Prioritizing strength throughout the rotational core muscles will make a direct and immediate translation to athletic performance on the water. Train hard, paddle fast and most importantly have fun!

And if you feel, you haven’t worked out enough, why not add a 400 pound ball to it:

Une vidéo publiée par Robert Norman (@_super_robert_) le


Stay tuned for more write-ups by Super Robert and in the meantime go and check out his training routines on Instagram:

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