Starboard’s New Tikhine Range, a Sonnie Hönscheid Creation!

Not only is Sonni Hönscheid an excellent paddler, but she is also a great designer. The Starboard rider has been enlisted to create a whole new range of boards, entitled Tikhine. The range of boards, which have been developed by the German, focus on aesthetic as much as technical capabilities.

Sonni, you’ve just launched a new range of boards called Tikhine. Can you tell us about this new range?

The New Go Tikhine range from Starboard is truly art you can ride. Three versions are available, Sun, Wave and Dot. Visuals aside, the boards are perfect for first-time paddlers, explorers, yogis, cruisers and the whole family.

The design and shape of the boards make them great for flatwater and light wind conditions. Coming in a size range from 10’2 to 11’6, they accommodate all riders and their differing abilities. The bigger sizes have a wider footprint, which allows for greater stability. The bottom of each board is inspired by two of the fastest race boards on the market, the Starboard Allstar and the Sprint.

The full length concave catamaran hull gives the boards great stability, extending the waterline for a long-lasting and efficient glide. This addition allows riders to do more paddle strokes on one side, which is really helpful if you paddle longer distances or indeed for training purposes. The wide tailgate also means it’s really easy to turn.

In addition, they are also available in inflatable 11’2 and 10’2 versions. The Tikhine range comes with some great features, such as a shoulder strap so that you may carry your board with greater ease, along with rail edge protection, a flat standing area, bungee inserts, FCS inserts and more. Like all Starboard models, the Tikhine boards are made entirely from bio resin, and for every boards sold a mangrove tree will be planted. 

Is the range exclusively designed for women?

Mens wear pink shirts, why not paddle a pink board? With the “Wave” design being a blue board, I think we have something for every taste.

Where did the idea of designing this new range come from?

It was a dream I had for a long time. Combining my two biggest passions – art and paddling- in one. Starboard owner Svein asked me about this idea as soon as we started working together at the beginning of the year and I’m extremely happy about this collaboration.

What was your primary form of inspiration for this range?

The ocean, the sun and the wave, like most of my art, are inspired by all my trips around the world, paddling in different places, exploring new cultures, discovering different places’ energy. The Ocean connects everything!

Photo credits: Starboard 

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