2024 Starboard Dream Team: Star-Studded Line Up and Breakthrough Talent

Presenting the formidable lineup of the Starboard Dream Team for the 2024 SUP season, where champions collide and new talents emerge. Anchored by seasoned SUP Race and SUP Surf World Champions Esperanza Barreras, Fiona Wylde, Connor Baxter, Michael Booth, Noic Garioud, Benoit Carpentier, and Zane Schweitzer this powerhouse ensemble promises thrilling competition and unparalleled skill on the water.

Excitement brews as 5-time Junior World Champion Cecilia Pampinella but also Fernando Perez and Aaron Sanchez transitioning from Starboard Spain to the Dream Team, bring fresh perspectives and awesome potential to the team’s SUP Racing arsenal.

The inclusion of female SUP surfer Camille Dubrana marks a significant milestone, highlighting the team’s commitment to diversity and excellence across disciplines. Additionally, the return of 2022 Junior World Champion Cameron Tripney after a one-year hiatus adds youthful vigor and promise to the lineup.

As these athletes embark on their journey, fueled by determination and a shared passion for excellence, the Starboard Dream Team is poised to have a big impact on the 2024 SUP Racing, Surfing and Foiling circuit, inspiring fans worldwide with their unparalleled talent.

We can’t wait to see them in action.

“I am proud to introduce our 2024 Dream Team to you. We have an incredibly diverse and talented group of athletes. Diverse because our riders, men and women, cover the whole SUP spectrum from race, wave, sprinting, adventure, and expeditions to big waves, with World Champions in every category.

Talented also, every rider deserves to be on the Dream Team in their own right, but especially this year, we have a lot of fresh new talent working their way up through the ranks. Watch for our bright orange noses sticking out in front of the pack.”

Being one of the most winning riders in the team, Connor always put timing in the work on the water and on land to get stronger and faster. So more lifting and more paddling ahead in 2024!

Latest achievements:

🥇 Pan American Games 2023
🥇 ICF World Championship Technical Race 2023
🥈 ICF World Championship Sprint 2023
🥇 APP in Alicante 2023
🥇 APP Sprints Portugal 2023
🥇 Gorge Paddle Challenge 2023

“2023 was an amazing year with some big events. There were some high times like celebrating victories and low times in the losses. But at the end of the day 2023 has shown me never to give up.” – Connor Baxter

Even with an impressive racing portfolio with 7 World titles, Michael can’t stop chasing new ones! Being a great motivator in the SUP industry, in 2024 he would like to focus on key events, train, and perform to his true ability. This means following a structured program, committing to it, and continuing to enjoy his paddling.

Latest achievements:

🥇 Scharbeutz Euro Tour 2023
🥇 Punta Ala Euro Tour 2023
🥇ICF SUP World Distance Race Champion 2022
2 x 🥇 ICF iSUP World Distance Race Champion 2022 / 2023
🥇 Carolina Cup Champion 2022 / 2023
🥈 Euro Tour Overall 2023
🥈 Euro Tour Nordhousen 2023

“2023 was a very full year, outside of racing we finished off building our house, I brought back the BOOTHCAST after a small hiatus, ran 20+ BOOTH Training clinics around the world and set up a new business called BOOTH Watersports. For my competitive year it was up and down I had a great start to the season winning in Carolina, but then a few things seemed to not go my way through my European stint despite still getting some wins. Towards the tail end of the year I think I probably pushed too hard and was a bit burnt out leading me to getting sick multiple times and unable to perform at my best. However, this was all excellent learning for me and I’m excited to see what I can do in 2024 with a bit less on my plate!” – Michael Booth

Having rocked the 2023 season, Noic is setting his main goal for 2024 to train as hard as he can to win some gold to bring home for his future son.

Latest achievements:

🥇 ISA Sprint World Champion 2023
🥇 ICF Sprint World Champion 2021/ 2023
🥇 ICF Technical Race World Champion 2021
🥇 ICF Long Distance World Champion 2023

“About 2023 achievements, the best ones are my 3 Golds on both ICF and ISA, but I am also super happy to have won the 2023 Euro Tour Title. That was a nice and hard battle on a total of five long distance races, And I had to push myself to get them.” – Noïc Garioud

Having had a dream 2023 year with winning the world titles, Esperanza believes that technical skills are never finished being learned. Therefore, she has a global training plan for all disciplines to undertake in 2024 to defend her ISA & ICF gold titles and keep being regular in all disciplines (Long Distance, Technical Racing & Sprint).

Latest achievements:

🥇 ICF World Champion Technical Race 2023
🥇 ICF World Champion Long Distance 2023
🥇 Euro Tour Champion x 2
🌟 SUP Woman of the Year – SUP Connect 2023

“2023 was a year to remember for me. Sportingly speaking, this year taught me to believe more in myself. To look back and see that all my goals have been achieved couldn’t make me happier. This gives me the confidence to believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, if you put your mind to it. Personally, it has been a year in which everything has flowed smoothly, without too many complications, and this has helped me to focus.” – Esperanza Barreras

After 10 years of bright and remarkable competing in Stand Up Paddling, Fiona is shifting her goals in 2024, stepping into more of a coaching and supporting role compared to racing. She still plans to participate in many races, but not as frequently as in years past.

The main objectives for 2024 include developing Wylde Wind & Water, the non-profit organization founded by Fiona to provide watersport and water safety education, with numerous community projects. Additionally, Fiona is stepping into a completely new role as the new Class Manager for the first-ever Wing Foil One Design equipment called X-15 Class produced by FreeWing and Starboard. In this role, Fiona will develop an internationally recognised one-design class and provide a pathway for the sport of wing foiling.

Latest achievements:

🥇 Sprint World Cup Champion at APP Alicante 2023
🥇 Gorge Paddle Challenge Champion 2023
🥇 Sarasota ICF World Cup 2023
🥇 ICF Distance Race World Champion 2021
🥇 ICF Technical Race World Champion 2021
🥇 Euro Tour Champion 2021
🥇 Euro Tour Champion 2022

“2023 opened the doors to a new era of my professional career. I was recovering and re-entering competition after a major shoulder surgery finding myself a top podiums in both Stand Up Paddling and Wing Foiling. Last year, I realized how much I have dedicated my life to the sports and how much I have been fortunate enough to experience from competing internationally. My shoulder is strong, although it is not exactly what it was before the surgery. That is part of life, that is part of being an athlete, and it also puts a lot of perspective on the priorities I have had over the year, allowing me to make new priorities going forward, I’m excited with the new direction I’m heading in 2024 and I think it’s going to be positive for myself, my family, and also the sports as a whole.” – Fiona Wylde

As an innovator in the Oceansports industry and a leader in the world of SUP Surf and Foiling, in 2024 Zane is looking forward to focusing his efforts, structuring training and working towards his growth and performance around his favourite oceansports and favourite training grounds in Hawaii. He is going to continue to share my progress, Training, and environmental initiatives through my social channels to encourage all the others to follow the action!

Latest achievements:
🥇 Pan-AM SUP Surf 2023
🥇 DaHui Backdoor Shootout Pipeline, Oahu 2023 SUP Surf
🥇 Surfercross Surf 2023
🥇 Longboard SUP Revolution, Bali 2023 SUP Surf
🌟 7th M2O World Championships Wingfoil

“2023 was an epic year for me both professionally in my sports career and personally as a new father! I feel grateful for yet another year ahead and continue to grow, adapt, and learn from my experiences, which were diverse to say the least! Between meeting career goals like becoming a Pan Am Olympic Gold Medalist, personal development becoming a father and community resilience enduring the 2023 Lahaina fires and responding as a community leader, and more!” – Zane Schweitzer

Benoit has set inspiring goals for his 2024 season: to have fun on the water, surf some big waves, and win some events! He is putting all his efforts into getting stronger physically and working on the gear to be ready on the big day to make these goals happen this year

Latest achievements:
🥇 APP World Champion 2023
🥇 European SUP surf champion 2023
🥇 European longboard champion 2023
🥉 ISA World Championships 2023

“2023 was an amazing year with some big events, a new adventure on the wing foil side, few good results and some not so good but plenty of fun in the water with old and new friends that I met on the road!” – Benoit Carpentier

Rai’s excellent start with the Starboard Dream Team in 2023 gave him a strong push and desire to achieve his main goal for 2024 – winning the gold medal at the World Championships. He is planning his training program to strengthen his muscles to reach an even higher level this year.

Latest achievements:

🥇 SUP Asian Championship Winner 2023
🥉 ICF World Championship Long Distance 2023
🥉 ISA World Championship Long Distance 2023
🥉 ISA World Championship Technical Race 2023
🥈 APP World Tour in Busan Long Distance 2023
🥈 APP World Tour in Viana Long Distance 2023

“In 2023, I moved to the Starboard team and made a new start. And racing with a new team and gear was a very refreshing feeling.” – Rai Taguchi

As a newcomer to the Starboard team, Cecilia is planning to train more and more to improve her skills in 2024, moving towards the goals of winning the ISA World Championship and the ICF World Championship!

Latest achievements:

🥇 ISA Junior Technical World Champion 2023
🥇 ISA European Champion Junior in Portugal 2023 (x 3)
🥇 ICF World Cup Long Distance in Greece 2023
🥇 Eurotour race in Punta Ala 2023

“The 2023 has made me grow a lot and has allowed me to travel the world since I have made many competitions. My level of athlete has increased and with time I have achieved some fantastic goals!” – Cecilia Pampinella

As a Japan rising star for SUP surfing, Riki is getting closer to his big world titles in 2024! Gearing up for big waves and aiming to become the APP SUP Surfing World Champion are the main plans for Riki for the upcoming season.

Recent achievements:

🥇 SUP surfing national tour champion 2023
🥇 KAKEGAWA SUP contest 2023
🥇 Maboroyal Cup 2023
🥉 SUPA national contest 2023
🥈 TED CUP 2023

“6’10 PRO board makes me skill up for my backside turn in 2023.” – Riki Horikoshi

Getting more power and speed for all the aspects of SUP racing, Fernando set his 2024 goal to stay on a top 3 at the ISA and ICF World Championships. Looking forward to the results of this young Spanish Dream Team racer!

Latest achievements:

🥇 APP Korea Champion 2023
🥉 Spain Championship Long Distance 2023
🌟 7th ISA Long Distance 2023
🌟 5th Euro Tour SUP Long Distance 2023
🌟 5th Euro Tour Sprint 2023

“2023 has been incredible yet with lots of good travels and lots of good sensations on my board and results in the competitions.” – Fernando Perez

Focusing on favourite disciplines and getting good train plans for 2024 events, Clement is excited for the year. His main objectives are the Défiwind and Molokai 2 Oahu events, both of which he is determined to win!

Latest achievements:
🥇 European championship long distance 2023
🥇 European champion technical race 2023
🥇 Madeira SUP race Euro Tour 2023
🥉 World paddle festival Alicante
🌟 7th ICF World Championship Technical 2023

“In 2023 I had some good results and some other disappointing results. Overall It’s been an amazing year competing in SUP racing and wingfoiling all over the world with some epic sessions at home.” – Clement Colmas

With plenty of 2024 European and World championships planned to dominate, Camille’s plan for the year is to improve her Longboard SUP skills and also SUP surfing backside attack as well as keep cross-training to be in the best possible shape to enjoy every session & competition.

Latest achievements:

🥇 SUP Surfing European Champion 2022
🥉 APP LongSUP World Championships
🌟 6th ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championships 2023
🌟 2 x 5th APP SUPSurf World Championships 2023

“2023 gave me a lot of confidence about what I was capable of. Riding Starboard’s Stand Up Paddle boards for the first time helped me a lot improve my surfing. Now I feel comfortable riding smaller boards which allow me to show a more radical surfing in competition. I also discovered LongSUP and I’m loving it. During this year I trained physically with my physio Alix, it also helped me a lot!” – Camille Dubrana

Competing in the SUP sport for over 13 years as for now, Ole continues to secure top champion titles in Germany. In 2024 he plans to maintain his focus on his training to prepare for the World Championship event in the USA and aims to introduce more members from my local canoeing club to SUP.

Latest achievements:

🥇 German Sprint Championship Duisburg 2023
🥇 German Champion Tech Race and Long Distance 2023
🥉 Euro tour Berlin
🥉 Euro tour Namur

“Racing since 2009 it’s incredible to see how the Sport is developing all over the world, especially this year’s world championships in Thailand. More and more young People are coming into the Sport. And the level is constantly rising.” – Ole Schwarz

For the 2024 season Linus has chosen the strategy to take in the moments even more and don’t rush through anything. That mindset surely will reach a new level of performance for him! He plans to continue working on becoming even more comfortable in race situations and ocean conditions.

Latest achievements:

🥇 2 x Swedish Champion 2023
🥈 ICF technical race in Italy 2023
🥇 Planet Baltic Race 2023

“2023 has brought me to new amazing places around the world to meet inspiring people. The season has given me challenges where I both have won and lost but in the end learnt a lot! I really got to what’s bringing me forward and that’s motivates me to keep hunting for more and bigger improvements!” – Linus Karlsson

Alba consistently prioritizes her goals, aiming to train harder and smarter while enjoying every moment of ride. We believe this approach is her personal secret to achieving high results over the past few years. In 2024, she plans to focus on race training, while also indulging in enjoyable surfing, foil, and windsurfing sessions.

Latest achievements:

🥇 APP Sprints Alicante SUP open 2022
🥇 Gran Canaria Pro EuroTour 2023
🥈 Alicante Eurotour 2023
🌟 4th Technical Race ISA Worlds France 2023
🌟 4th Sprints European Surfing Association 2023
🌟 5th Technical Race European Surfing Association 2023
🌟 5th Technical Race ICF World Championship 2023

“2023 was a year of learning and experiences travelling around the globe and enjoying a beautiful sport.” – Alba Frey

Aaron has set his goal for 2024 to improve upon all the results he achieved last season and to participate in races he has never entered before. He plans to continue working hard with clear objectives and, above all, to give 100%.

Latest achievements:

🥇 Spanish Championship Long Distance 2023
🥈 Battle of Hercules Euro Tour 2023
🌟 4th ISA World Championship Long Distance 2023
🌟 4th ISA World Championship Sprint 2023
🥉 SUP race festival Scharbeutz

“2023 has given me good moments to enjoy but also moments that we have had to learn from to improve in the future.” – Aaron Sanchez

One of the youngest members of the Dream Team, Cameron is looking forward to attending as many international events as possible in 2024 to gain more experience on the international race scene. Intending to win a medal in the 200m ICF Sprint format, he is also focusing on improving his technical racing skills to succeed in that category as well.

Latest achievements:
🥇 3 x South African Open Mens Race Champion
🥇 Freedom Paddle 22km Champion
🥇 ICF Junior Sprint World Champion 2022
🥇 Robben Island Freedom Paddle 2023

“I have only had the chance to compete internationally once in 2023 due to my final year of school and exams. This year has given me a chance to reset and think about my future paddling career after achieving my junior sprint world title in Gdynia the previous year. Starboard gave me the opportunity of joining the Dream Team which has been a massive goal I have always dreamed of since I started paddling.” – Cameron Tripney

North America champion Tim Oliver is taking 3-steps approach for 2024 training season. First – is the gym working on strength. Secondly, it’s doing 1 – 2 technique sessions per week filming and analyzing parts of the stroke with Larry Cain as a coach. The third area of focus – is at least 1 over distance workout per week but keeping the intensity very low to keep the endurance capacity topped up!

Latest achievements:
🥇 Canadian Champion Distance and Technical 2023
🥇 Chattajack rece 2023 / 2021
🥇 Carolina Cup 10th 2022
🥇 Ontario SUP race Series Champion x3
🥇 Eastern Canadian Champion x2
🌟 Muskoka River X 130km record

“2023 has taught me to be patient! I come from a competitive cycling background and as a result my mentality for training has always been to accumulate as much volume as possible…. I learned in 2023 that with the race season stretched out from April until November you have to approach it with a more conservative attitude at certain times. Rest and recovery are just as important as training hours!” – Tim Oliver

After showcasing impressive results at the ICF World Championship 2023, and securing two world titles, Marie continues to focus on refining her pacing, both on and off the water.
In 2024, her attention turns more to UK races, moving towards the ultimate dream goal – to take part in the Molokai 2 Oahu

World Championships either on a SUP and eventually on a foil!

She has established a daily exercise routine consisting of maintenance exercises that target paddling-specific posture, flexibility, and strength — essential tools for herself and others to maintain SUP fitness and prevent injuries. Additionally, Marie’s goal for 2024 is to establish and grow her water sports coaching and fitness business — Sea.

Latest achievements:

🥇 ICF World Championship Masters Long Distance 2023
🥇 ICF World Championship Masters Technical race 2023
🥇 Ladies Technical Race 2023
🥇 Waterborn SUP the Creek ​- Distance Race 2023
🥈 GBSUP Falmouth Bay Long Distance 2023
🥉 GBSUP Falmouth Bay Technical race 2023

“Coming back to SUP competition following injury and becoming the ICF double World champion in 2023 has given me renewed confidence in my 50-year-old body, realising that it is still possible to learn, improve and grow as a mature athlete.With self-belief, dedication towards achieving goals coupled with great support, anything is possible! Being met and congratulated by Svein Rasmussen as I crossed the finish line was extremely special and a moment I will treasure forever.” – Marie Buchanan

Famous for his huge amount of crossings and thrilling expeditions all over the years Bart continues to include new SUP adventures in his plans for 2024. He always strives to find new places to explore and plan adventures to inspire others to do the same, as well as setting new ultra-distance challenges for himself.


🥇 SUP 11-City Tour x4
🥇 The Yukon 1000 – the longest race in the world
🥇 Winning almost all ultra-distance races in the world at least once
🌟 Setting the 24-hour SUP distance world record
🌟 Ocean Crossings and expeditions in Greenland, Zambia, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Vanuatu, Nepal and many more

“After spending a lot of time on the water in the water and underwater, I realize again that we have this amazing world we have to treat with respect so we can enjoy it in the future.” – Bart de Zwart

Travelled to 85 countries and six continents in the last thirty years of guiding expeditions, Bruce is setting an inspiring plans for the upcoming year as well. He is working towards paddling every inch of the Canadian West Coast- a big goal to complete by 2025. This summer, together with Norm Hann he plans to traverse an exposed section of Vancouver Island. He is constantly striving to increase his efficiency and speed on long trips and follows a periodized program focused on strength, technique and speed.


🌟 Rounding Cape Scott, Vancouver Island – 200km, 7 days
🌟 Grease Trail, Great Bear Rainforest – 230km, 5 days
🌟 Crossing Lake Ontario, Solo – 50km open water
🌟 Vancouver Island Outer Coast Solo – 500km, 11 days
🌟 Vancouver to Victoria – 150 km, 5 days

“In 2023 I achieved a goal I had worked towards for 10 years. Alongside my partner Norm Hann, we became the first to paddleboard across the notorious Hecate Strait–rated the most dangerous body of water on entire the Canadian coast. After so many people said it was impossible, it felt incredible to finally achieve this dream.” – Bruce Kirkby

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