Starboard 2015 : the New Starboard Astro Line

11th October 2014

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Mathieu Rauzier, R&D Manager at Starboard talks to TotalSUP about the 2015 line of Starboard Astro boards.

Interview realized at the Starboard World Dealer Meeting 2015 on the Costa Brava in Spain 

This year, the Astro Fun range disappeared and a new technology was introduced with a new range, the Astro Zen.
With a thickness of 12 cm / 4.75 inches – compared to 4 inches on the previous Astro Fun, this new ranges demonstrates a perfect balance between stability, buoyancy and stiffness and is actually stiffer than last year’s deluxe range.

The Astro Deluxe range was however improved and remains the stiffest build with 6 inches of thickness.

With the help of two dropstitch samples, Mathieu Rauzier showed us the difference of technology between the 2 ranges. On both the Astro Deluxe and the Astro Zen, thousands of yarns connect the upper and lower decks but on the Astro Deluxe those are gathered in a unidirectional pattern, giving it more strength, whereas the yarns are arranged in a multi-directional fashion on the Astro Zen.

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