How to achieve that great SUP Video by RedWoodPaddle

If we are all honest we like a bit of footage of ourselves catching a killer wave or paddling in paradise! But if we haven’t got anyone to convince to sit on the beach to take photos or a good friend to fly a drone directly over us, we have to come up with other solutions, so we turn to the Go Pro / action cam.

So now you’ve got the camera, you are itching to get out there and capture it all, in order to make some killer videos! So what is the best way to mount it for SUP?

With the help of Redwoodpaddle and their new collection of boards we have come up with four basic options that suit SUP riding

  • The Head mount
  • The Nose mount
  • The Paddle mount
  • The Harness / Chesty
  • The Mouth Held

The Head Mount

Mounting the camera on the head or helmet gives the point of view (POV) following the action, you are hands free, and you can really feel each turn into the waves.

Video Credit – @Jim-Box SUP

Here is Jim-Box riding his SOURCE PRO by RedWoodPaddle. As you can see, is a fast and easy turn board. 92 litres and 31,5 wide. A good machine for those days with small waves, a feeling we can get with with the angle of his camera

The GoPro Chest Mount Harness allows you to easily capture ultra-immersive video and photos from the view of your chest, it will produce less jerky shots and you can access the camera pretty easily. The mounts have up/down adjustability perfect for any activity where you want to get a lower-than-the-helmet view of the action!

Board mount

Facing away from the paddler the camera makes a nice video for the downwind videos, Just stick the camera on and forget about it (and at times as it is at your feet you can just turned it around). Remember to attach the float!

Facing the paddler we can get a full appreciation of the waves, the movement of the paddler in the wave and even capture the moment we get barrelled, a feeling we get watchinh Jordan Heurteaux riding his redwoodpaddle Source pro 7’9

Video Credit – Anne-Sophie Heurtaux

Paddle Mount

Mounting the camera on the paddle allows you to control the angle that you want, whether from the back so you can film yourself smacking the lip, or in front as you are taking a selfie with your friends. Be sure to get the angle right or you’ll be battling to get a good shot!

Video Credit : @Jim-Box SUP


Mouth Held

For the people who are very comfortable in the water and can handle having something else to think about, is the mouth held mount. Giving a better angle than the normal selfie, some mounts are now available to allow to activate your go pro by voice commands.

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