Moonshine Eyewear Remix: No More Squint, Lots More Paddling!

Shaking up the sunglasses industry. 1 pair at a time! British based company Moonshine eyewear is producing eco-responsible sunglasses from recycled plastic and other sustainable resources.

Moonshine glasses are sunglasses that are easily the equal of the mainstream brands but with an eco-friendly twist explains Moonshine boss Dave Hughes, further commentating that he¬† developed the concept of recycled plastic glasses after realizing “that plastic already exists and it isn’t going away. If we can recycle just a tiny bit of it, that’s an important little step in the right direction”.¬†Dave Hughes introduces the Remix series, a series developed to mark the beginning of an era for moonshine eyewear.

The ReMix  second life plastic sunglasses bring the core moonshine qualities of distilled, pure design and functionality to a logical next step. The Second Life Plastic sunglasses utilize post consumer poly-carbonate, coupled with our stand out lens solution, to bring a sustainable and robust sports leaning style. The glasses were born from a respect for the environment yet refusing to compromise on quality.

Remix 2.0 Fire & Ice

These sun glasses are gloss white recycled plastic frames with our fire gold mirrored, polarised lenses.

For the ReMix 2.0 fire & gold, we took a close look at every aspect of our original model. The glasses were developed with an eye on improving sports performance, we have tweaked virtually every component to offer exceptional clarity, strength, protection and style.

The glasses were developed with a¬†view that if a particular style is popular, then let’s offer that style!¬†These glasses were developed with the ocean paddler in mind, with a subtle arched top and secure feel on the face, it provides security to the paddler, so they can concentrate on paddling and not on squinting. The polarised HD lenses provides a comfortable feel, and reduces the glare from the ocean. No more squinting¬† and more time paddling.

Remix Black & Gold

The remix black & gold are constructed from second use plastics, our ReMix model is a game changer! No new plastics are going into these frames, we only use second life post-consumer plastics. That’s unique in the eyewear world. To mark the ReMix out as something special, we had to come up with an entirely new shape. A style that is suitable for Men and Women alike and also distinctive.

We think we have achieved our style brief with flying colours and we are super proud of this new model. We believe our lens technology to be the best in the market, through painstaking research and a desire to achieve the clearest lenses possible, we have partnered with a supremely competent lens manufacturer. The technology in each HD Resin Fusion lens allows perfect clarity, UV400 protection.

Now it’s up to you to Rock them and stand up for the planet at the same time.¬† These glasses have stainless steel double hinges, HD resin fusion lenses and constructed out of 100% recycled plastic. These are the glasses to rock post paddle session!

Remix Second Life – Urban Tiger

Using the same technology as the Remix black & gold the Remix  Urban Tiger glasses have a slightly transparent look to them; allowing them to blend in slightly to the environment, just like a tiger! They look good on everyone and at the same time protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Thanks to their poly-carbonate frame these shades are lightweight, durable, and offers the perfect combination of sporty and stylish, especially with the dark HD Resin Fusion lens allows perfect clarity, UV400 protection. This means less squinting and more relaxing.

The brand is British is but delivers world wide, so if you are ready to stop the squint and start the paddle check in with Moonshine Eyewear!

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