Introducing The Longboard SUP Revolution

The longboard SUP revolution is underway, A closer look at the line out and we see more people turning towards this traditional form of surfing. Largely driven by demand from the longboard SUP Revolution fraternity  (and sorority)  manufacturers such as Fanatic, Naish, Gong, NSP and Sunova are now all offering high performance board shapes with narrower widths and low volumes and now we are seeing the inclusion of LongSUP categories in competitions.

Irishman Paul Byrne, owner of IrishSUP, organiser of the IrishSup Surf Classic and also the general manager of Training and Education with the Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI) talks up longboard SUP, the IrishSup Surf Classic why we shouldn’t overlook this SUP discipline.

Hi Paul, What defines longboard SUP?

For me a longboard SUP is any board that you use that allows you to surf Longboard style!!! That would be doing traditional longboard manoeuvres. Nose riding, cross stepping, drop knee turns for example. It’s more than just trying to surf a big board like you surf a short SUP.

Most my boards are longsups, now I have a 9’6, 10’0, and 10’6 in my Longboard quiver. All Sunova Styles, these all have a high performance shape with low volume. Right nowI am awaiting delivery of a Sunova Steeze 8’6 which is a shorter longboard style shape and excited about seeing what is possible with it.

Photo Credit:  Lois Crighton

What is the draw to longboard SUP?

Personally for me longboarding allows me take advantage of smaller fatter wave conditions. Its also allows my aging body to recover and have slightly more relaxed sessions while nursing injuries or a tired body.

Everybody should try it, or atleast try a performance longboard at the next board demo day. Also look to include Longboard SUP categories in your fun  surf club contests you will watch the stoke levels go thru the roof!!!

Photo Credit:  Lois Crighton

Is this why you have included Longboard SUP category in the IrishSup Surf Classic?

The IrishSup Surf Classic first took place back in 2012, and has become a regular feature on our yearly event schedule. Its become the biggest and most enjoyable SUP Surf Contest in the UK & Ireland. We offer a range of surf categories for the paddlers over the weekend – First Timers, Ladies, Open Boards 10ft Plus, Open Shorter than 10ft, Masters, and this year for the first time at our contest and in Europe, possibly the world a Foil SUP Surf category!!!

Last year we had competitors from 8 different countries attend. 72 entries overall and from memory about 20 in the longboard category. Back in 2012 this was also a world first separating short and longboard. This separation can now be seen in lots of countries. The Sydney Paddling SUP Club are massive fans of this category in their contests and they are leading the whole longboard SUP revolution.

If any longboard SUPrs would like to come and try out their skills, at the compeition in Sligo in April take a look at our page.

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