Denmark Invites You to the ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championships 2017

In September 2017 Denmark will be the first European nation ever to host the ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championships but that’s not enough for the land of Vikings. The organizers together with Red Paddle Co are implementing a whole new SUP concept to the ISA Worlds for non-elite athletes.

The concept is called ‘KANTRUM’ and refers to a contraction of the Danish words ‘kant’ (edge) and ‘centrum’ (centre). The goal is to communicate the potentials and qualities of Denmark abroad the country, from Capital to local communities. The concept covers 10 open public SUP events leading up to the World Championship. Four of the events are held in the biggest cities of Denmark; Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen (the ‘centres’ of Denmark) and the rest are held at smaller locations; Løkken, Hvide Sande, Aabenraa, Bagenkop, Hornbæk and the sunshine Island Bornholm (the ‘edges’ of Denmark). The KANTRUM SUP concept is fully supported by Red Paddle Co and will peak in Copenhagen with an open SUP event under the name ‘Copenhagen SUP CrossingSeptember 1st, on the opening day of the ISA worlds.

SUP Denmark 2017

“We have seen a massive development of SUP in Denmark over the past 3 years. We believe that the ISA Worlds together with KANTRUM and Copenhagen SUP Crossing is the beginning of a SUP revolution in Denmark. We hope that this concept will not only inspire Danes to get on the water but also encourage other surf nations to see the potential for developing SUP in their country” Jakob Færch, President of the Danish Surfing & Rafting Federation
The KANTRUM SUP concept has a focus on creating new paddlers and move SUP from being a relatively exotic and unknown recreational activity to something Danes are familiar with and want to participate in.

Besides activating the Danes, Denmark also wants to invite everyone from around the world, non-elite and elite paddlers to participate in the Copenhagen SUP Crossing event. The event will take place in the exact same venue as the ISA Worlds in the heart of Copenhagen and the participants will have the chance to paddle the same course as the world’s best athletes will do during the ISA Worlds. Denmark’s top elite Stand Up Paddler, Casper Steinfath, says the following about including everyone in the Danish ISA worlds:
“I am super happy to see Denmark take this innovative next step for our sport. Paddling in a city like Copenhagen is a very special experience and I look forward to be a part of this celebration of SUP. I also think this is a perfect opportunity to create an even stronger link between the elite and recreational sides of SUP and I believe this will be a massive boost for our sport in Denmark and beyond”Casper Steinfath, 3x ISA SUP Race World Champion & ISA Vice President

Denmark organisation
In general, Denmark believes that they can further unite the sport by getting paddlers from across the world to be part of a European and global event in Denmark. Hopefully this additional concept will make the world championships more enjoyable for the non-elite paddlers.
The 2017 ISA World SUP & Paddleboarding Championships will take place from September 1st to September 10th with the Copenhagen SUP Crossing event happening September 1st.
Facts about Copenhagen SUP Crossing
When: September 1st 2017
Where: Copenhagen Harbour in front of the famous opera house.
Thursday (August 31th)
8.00 – 22.00 – Registration for Copenhagen SUP Crossing

Friday (September 1st)

06.00 – 07.00 – Arrival for Copenhagen SUP Crossing
07.00 – 7.30 – Welcome, Safety briefing & Warm Up
7.30 – 8.00 – Everyone gets on the water
8.00 – 11.00 – Copenhagen SUP Crossing takes place
11.30 – 12.00 – End ceremony
12.00 – Joined departure to the World Championship Opening Ceremony starting point (Town Hall Square)

2,5 km, 5 km, 10 km and 15 km – all based on the official ISA worlds course.
Early bird – 300 DKK
Real Price – 375 DKK

Buy tickets and get more information through the following link:

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