5 SUP Surf Rules to Learn!

SUP Surfers in the line up aren’t universally tolerated, sometimes we get a bit of a hard time, and in some spots we are banned altogether.  We want to continue to make our reputation better in the line up, so it is important for everyone to know and understand the rules.

By sticking to these unwritten rules, you keep yourself out of trouble, and you are free to enjoy your sup surf sessions.

1. Don’t Drop In – If there is someone on the wave, don’t kill their ride, stay out the way.

2. Don’t Snake – Repeatedly paddling round someone to get into the inside position on a wave is a no-no.

3. Don’t Hog the Waves – Hog all the waves and you won’t be very popular. However sharing a wave can be fine if there is a left and a right, but you must call. Nothing wrong with a party wave either, if you are all willing.

4. Do Apologise –  We all make mistakes, If you breach the etiquette and rules in any way, just apologize. It’s just good manners.

5. Have Fun! – By following the rules

Extra Brownie points – If you are out in the break, you spot a good set, Shout it out to the other “traditional” surfers, This is the way to score points and make friends.

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