Streamlined, Ergonomic, Stylish: Red Paddle Co releases 2021 SUP range

23rd September 2020

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Winners of the 2020 SUP Connect Gear of the Year award for best technology, Red Paddle Co has released its latest collection of inflatable stand-up paddle boards. The 2021 range is packed full of enhanced features and ergonomic designs that offer a more streamlined paddling experience.

‘‘Every year, we carry out research asking our paddling community how we can improve our products. We take their feedback and along with the experience gained from building SUP boards for 12 years we apply it to our new designs to ensure that our boards are completely focused on the rider,” said Phil Hawthorn, Head of Design at Red Paddle Co. “Building our boards in a private facility gives us complete control over every stage of production. Attention to detail is very important to us, that’s why every board has to undergo a rigorous quality control process before it goes to market. This end-to-end approach is what we call TEC AIR and it’s just one of the things that sets Red Paddle Co apart from any other inflatable SUP brand on the market.’’

Building on Twelve Years of Innovation

Red Paddle Co’s iconic design has been updated for 2021 with a more streamlined look and feel. Retro stripes extend down the side of the rail and pinstripe details on the underside of the board meet to form a surf-style graphic.

The deck pad now reaches right down to the tail, wraps closer to the rails, and offers superior comfort and grip.

The stand-out update to the 2021 range is the innovative V-Hull on the Voyager boards – a new displacement v-shaped hull on the nose. By cleverly tapering the cut of the boards core material, the new V-hull shape breaks the surface tension of the water, making it easier and faster to paddle through the water. Essentially, the v-hull helps riders paddle for longer with less effort and with more rhythm and comfort.

This new innovation has taken years of research, planning and development with extensive testing at The University of Plymouth’s COAST laboratory. The Voyager touring board range also has a new twin fin set up that offers improved tracking and glide. By having two shorter fins rather than one longer fin, riders can paddle in shallower waters, opening up a wider variety of waterways.

The Sport range of boards now feature the Speed Tail. This brand-new feature offers enhanced speed and manoeuvrability. The rubberised edge on the tail aids water release, which increases speed and provides a smoother ride.

Red Paddle Co’s revolutionary Titan pump has been completely reimagined and re-engineered for 2021. Improved fixtures and fittings make it even more durable and a 30% reduction in its packaged size makes storing it away with the board much easier. Some of the pump’s new features include an integrated isolation valve, a double-ended bayonet hose for attaching to the pump, and a redesigned air box. An integrated pressure gauge and a 90-degree shift in standing position also makes the pump more comfortable to use and the boards easier to inflate.

All boards now come with an updated cargo bungee system. This makes it easier to load bags onto the board and gives the range a striking new look. Ergonomic tubular handles also give a more comfortable grip when carrying the board to and from the water.

SUP rider-driven innovation

Red Paddle Co has been at the forefront of innovation in inflatable paddleboards for over a decade. Our focus has always been on the riders who enjoy our boards and these new features have been really well received,” said John Hibbard, Co-Founder and CEO of Red Paddle Co. “Our product design team continue to scrutinise every part of the production process, so that everyone has the best paddle boarding experience possible. We want to encourage as many people as we can to get involved in the sport safely and to show just how much fun paddleboarding can be when you have the right kit. We have seen a huge increase in paddler numbers this year and we are excited to help them experience all that SUP has to offer in the years to come. Whether that be with one of our All-Round boards or as an upgrade from their first board to one of our Touring models.”

Five Year Warranty

All boards in the 2021 range now come with an extended five-year warranty when registered on the brand’s website. As Co-Founder John Hibbard puts it, ‘we stand behind our boards as much as we stand on them’.

The brand-new range will be available to view online and in store at local retailers from mid-October. Pre Orders can be placed now with your local Red Paddle Co retailer and online stockists. To explore the Red Paddle Co 2021 range, visit

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