Global iSUP Brand Red Paddle Co Celebrates B Corp Month

13 Mar 2024


Throughout March, Red Paddle Co joins an ever-growing group of B Corp organisations that are committed to prioritising the environment and society within every aspect of their business.

The impressive status shows the brand’s commitment to taking steps to be more responsible in all areas of the company, as Head of Design, Phil Hawthorne explains: “Since day one, we have been committed to taking steps to be more responsible in everything we do, from product to people. For us, becoming a certified B Corp is an exciting next step on that journey. It was a long and rigorous process in which we were independently assessed across every aspect of our business to ensure the very highest standards were being met. It is more than just a rubber stamp, once you’ve been certified as a B Corp, it is a legally binding commitment to ensure we are doing what we promise.”

B Corp is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance. For Red, this certification is an important development in their ongoing commitment to being more responsible. Something that runs deeply throughout the whole organisation. As Communication Manager, Robyn Dawson continues: “We have a shared drive within the team to inspire and enable adventures on the water. We do that through developing innovative products that perform, right through to supporting socially responsible projects within our community. Everything we create, from boards to accessories and gear is designed with a purpose, to go the distance and last as long aspossible. But we’re not just focused on making the best performing boards or products – they’ve got to be created in a way that protects the seas, lakes and rivers they’ve been designed for. Many products from our Red Equipment range (our bags, robes and waterproof gear) are made from certified recycled materials yet have still been designed without compromising on the quality or performance of the kit. To become certified as a B Corp in 2023 was an exciting milestone on our path to continually improve and innovate and means we will continue to hold ourselves to higher standards of transparency and accountability, in everything we do.”

B Corp Month runs throughout March every year and is a global campaign aimed to increase awareness about B Corps and how they use their businesses as a force for good. This year, the This Way Forward message addresses how B Corps are moving forward together to pave the way for better business, celebrating the wider positive impact of the B Corp community.

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