Red Paddle Co. Puts Board Through Extreme Challenges to Test Durability

3 May 2017


Red Paddle Co have been putting their most popular SUP through its paces to prove just how tough they are.

Over the last two weeks, as part of their Board Vs. campaign, Red Paddle Co has been running a series of extreme tests on its 10’6” Ride inflatable paddleboard to see how much pressure, weight and all-round battering the board could withstand.

The brand wanted to diminish a possible belief that inflatable SUPs aren’t very strong and basically glorified lilos, instead Red Paddle Co are demonstrating that their boards are tougher, more durable, and longer-lasting than many people realise.

Red Paddle Co spent the fortnight pitting 10 different challenges against the board, posting videos of their findings on social media every two days.

The board has been put through a variety of risky experiments including being launched off a 16-metre high cherry picker, fired at by paintballs travelling 180mph and driven over by a 3-tonne Land Rover, 9-tonne tractor, and an incredible 22-tonne excavator!

The brand was confident that the paddleboard could withstand the pressures, but they wanted to create a campaign that could prove their design technology and dismiss any potential worries about inflatable paddleboards.

Pleased with the outcome of the ten challenges, Charlie Green, Head of Marketing at Red Paddle Co states: “We’re happy the board made it through all ten challenges and is still fit for a paddle. Whilst we had confidence in our 10’6 Ride, we wanted to reassure the public that everything we say about our products is true – they are innovative, durable boards that withstand a bit of rough and tumble without getting destroyed.”

When created, each Red Paddle Co board is put through a series of lab tests to ensure it is fit for purpose before being released on to the market. However, the brand has never put a single board through such extreme tests like those demonstrated recently.

Green continues: “It really is exciting to see the board go through so many extreme challenges. This series of experiments is just the start, in the future we’d like to try even more crazy challenges to see what it takes to actually break one of our boards! But please don’t try this at home!”

Red Paddle Co experience
If you want to see all the challenges Red Paddle Co put the 10’6 Ride through, head to their Facebook page.
To find out more about Red Paddle Co’s innovative designs, visit their official website.

About Red Paddle Co:
Red Paddle Co is an inflatable paddle board manufacturer based in the UK which is selling its products to 58 countries worldwide. They believe that riding an inflatable paddle board shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on performance, looks or quality.

With two patented systems and the only paddle boarding brand in the world to use the market leading MSL Fusion technology, Red Paddle Co are heading up the market for innovative inflatable paddleboard design.

Riding a Red Paddle Co board offers the ultimate in convenience while delivering an authentic experience. Find out more at or learn more about their innovative technology here:

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