Gran Canaria: La Misteriosa SUP Race Report

Last weekend, on the 24th March, La Misteriosa SUP Pro & Amateur International Race took place at Las Marañuelas beach on Gran Canaria, an event collaboratively organised by La Misteriosa C.D and the Mogán City Council. 50 registered racers and a prize purse of €3600, with equal pay outs for both women and men paddlers in both the 12.6ft and 14ft categories it was going to be a hotly contested race!

With perfect conditions and sunshine greeting the racers it was clear from the start theat the conditions were going to be perfect, there was a buzz in the air with almost 50 international registered competitors lined up to compete, competitors present were from the Canary Islands, mainland Spain, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Norway and France.

The amateur and pro categories both shared the same 4 KM circuit which started in Arguineguín then followed the coast of the municipality of Mogán to Barranco de la Verga and back. The amateur race consisted of 2  laps (8 KM) and the professional race of 4 laps (16 KM) with 20m beach run between laps.

The sound of the horn the paddlers started the beach start, they then paddled to passed the first buoy at the embouchure of Playa de Marañuelas, before turning to head head towards Patalavaca Beach, then continuing to Playa de la Verga for the final buoy turn. The first pro paddlers completed the circuit in  24 minutes before completing a beach run on the Marañuelas Beach, which signaled the start the second of the four circuits.

First to cross the line was Italian paddler Paolo Marconi who finished in 1:56 in the 14ft category, followed very closely behind by Esteban Medina from Gran Canaria. In the 12.6ft class German Moritz Mauch who is based in Gran Canaria won 12,6ft race.

1st place  in the female category was Spanish rider Susak Molinero who recorded an impressive time of 1:56 racing on her 12.6ft. Yong German NSP rider Noelani Sach posted 1st place in the won the 14ft  female category.

In the afternoon there was a technical circuit for children under-16 and under-14 category, all categories were won by the children of the Second Reef SUP club located in Gran Canaria.

The last event of the day was dedicated to a group of 9 handisuprs who participated in SUP initiations, designed by and for them. Alba García, a psychologist and participant in the Amateur race, supervised the team of instructors consisting of  Stano Hubacek (president of SUP Club La Misteriosa), Paolo Marconi, Susak Molinero and Jaran Rodriguez, other competitors of the race. All the racers, instructors and paddlers were really commitment to this activity and it was really great to demonstrate that SUP is an inclusive sport that can be adapted to any person. The 9 participants received a medal, and received a lot of admiration for their bravery and ability to excel.


Pro 14ft:


  1. Paolo Marconi (IT-RRD)
  2. Esteban Medina (S-BIC)
  3. Stefan Buday (HU-RRD)


  1. Noelani Sach (DE-NSP)
  2. Marie Dautruche (FR-STARBOARD)
  3. Lucie Lorenzo (Czech Rep-RRD)

Pro 12.6ft


  1. Moritz Mauch (DE-STARBOARD)
  2. Jaran Rodríguez Jorge (ES-SBT)
  3. Maui Sach (DE-NAISH)


  1. Susak Molinero (ES-RRD)
  2. Esperanza Barrera Sanjurjo (ES-RRD)
  3. Ana María Ojeda Vera (ES-SIC)


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