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20 Apr 2018


Welcome to Fantasy SUP, this online game is result of 2 years of work by Italian paddler Martino Rogai in collaboration with IT developers. Fantasy SUP the first online and interactive virtual SUP athlete management game out there, The aim of  Fantasy SUP  is to put us paddlers in the front boat and pack for all the main important SUP competitions in 2018 and create our own SUP Super team. Creator Martino talks to TotalSUP about the idea and motivation behind the game and why we should all login to the site.

Hi Martino, Can you introduce Fantasy SUP?

Fantasy SUP is a game completely free to play, it is a virtual/fantasy management SUP game. After the free registration each user has to draft up to eight male athletes and six female paddle athletes they think will perform best within the events, without exceeding their standard salary cap. The game is just for fun with the main goal to make the SUP community play and spread the beauty of our sport, it is not linked to any form of gambling.

The actual results at each event will be converted into points for the fantasy team, the better the individual performance at the event the more points are earned within the team. Each team will be ranked globally in the Fantasy SUP Leaderboard or privately in a private league with friends. The person with the most points achieved in their team for the entire 2018 SUP season will be crowned the winner. Initially there is no prize for the winner, however in the future we may consider giving prizes.

What events will be included in Fantasy SUP?

There are 14 races in the Fantasy SUP season, these can all be found in the  Fantasy SUP calender. These races have been chosen from the major and  most important events in the 2018 SUP season. After each event, each user will be allowed to trade before the start of the next event. The user can make as many changes as he/she wants before the start of next event, provided that the cumulative virtual dollar value of the paddlers at the time does not exceed the salary cap.

Which criteria did you use to choose the SUP athletes?

I got the information on athletes from the SUP Racer World Rankings and my in depth knowledge of the sport.  On the Fantasy SUP website there is also a News section, this information is taken from the feeds from TotalSUP and SUPRacer, what I consider to be the best insider magazines. Users can also instantly find SUP news and information on the athletes who will compete in the forth coming races. Fantasy SUP is not an online magazine, a new League or Ranking for athletes, it’s only a game for us paddlers. It would be great if those in the SUP community can jump on board and get involved in playing this awesome game!

What motivated you to create Fantasy SUP?

As an athlete and video gamer I used to make my own predictions for SUP races. I did this along with other fanatic friends and athletes when we couldn’t attend certain races, it starting evolving and we moved to making predictions on pen and paper, writing our predictions and then results of the top ten male and female rankings. In the end, we were having so much fun with this new game I thought why not make it accessible for all the SUP community to play? I really think that this could be a positive contribution to our young and vibrate sport! 

I have been studying engineering and I started building and developing this project along with a group of amazing and young team of IT experts. Each day they have grown more and more excited about to be part of this project, they have really helped me by giving me their best support and knowledge. I would like to thank them all, especially Leonardo and Damiano. 

Also fantasy leagues exist in many other sports, it would be fantastic if I could motivate young and new paddlers to be involved in SUP world. Perhaps they will be more motivated to train and compete even harder to be one day part of the Fantasy SUP athletes list.

I would like to thank some of the best Italian and international SUP athletes, they all gave me great support as test players, providing me feedback during the development of Fantasy SUP. is now online, you can play with all the sup community by clicking on the link. Get your account up and running before the Carolina Cup.





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