New Kid on the Block – The Rise of Riccardo Rossi

In the last month Californian brand Infinity have been busy signing some big names including duo Izzi Gomez and Italian Federico Esposito, so it comes as no suprise that next on the list is the young and talented Italian paddler Ricardo Rossi.

17-year old Riccardo has already achieved some very important results, Including the Italian Junior Championships (12’6), he is also the overall winner of the Italian Cup and is currently ranked 5th in Italy, all victories which he dedicates to the charity AISLA Onlus. Riccardo Rossi opens up to TotalSUP about his incredible journey.


How did you get into SUP?

In 2013, I saw someone standing on board (Turned out to be Paolo Marconi), and I was curious about what it was, so I gave it a try and since then I fell in love with it.  From there my career in paddling grew quickly, thanks to the support and belief of Andrea and Leonardo from JLID Distribution. They have both supported me from the beginning and I have to thank them for that.

Tell us about your training?

My SUP coach is Martino Rogai. We have a very good trainer-athlete relationship, he is very good at motivating me through my training. My Fitness coach is Marco Benedetti, who I have been working with for two years now, he combines my training sessions in the sea with functional training sessions in the gym.

I tend to train on my own so I can achieve a one-to-one relationship with the sea. Fortuntely, Salivoli (Piombino) is home to many elite athletes, including Federico Esposito, Paolo Marconi and Susak Molinero,  so if needed I can train and compare myself with them.

What are you goals for 2018?

I will start 2018 by participating in the Gla Gla Race at Talloires (Lake Annecy). Then I hope to take part in some stages of the EuroTour, but this dependent on my school schedule.  I will certainly participate in the 2018 Italian Championship. As far as long-term goals are concerned, I will start to train to compete in the France 2024 Olympic games.

You have joined the Infinity team. How does it feel?

It is a great honour for me to become a part of such an important team as Infinity Europe/International, it will motivate me to keep on improving as an athlete. #infinityspeedfreaks will become my personal motto and my source of motivation.

What board and paddle will you use?

In 2018, I will use the new models Infinity Whiplash 12’6 and Blackfish 14’ it depends on the race that I participate in.  As far as paddles are concerned, I will continue to use my beloved QuickBlade V-Drive 81.

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