The 2020 Starboard Ace Reveals New Cutting Edge Features

With 10 years of development, it’s fair to say Starboard‘s Ace race stand up paddleboard has pioneered and led the innovation in dug out designs. Its unique narrow tail outline and dug out standing area, makes it a super fast board, perfectly suited for downwind specific races and open ocean conditions. TotalSUP had a close look at the cutting edge design of the 2020 Starboard Ace Race stand up paddleboard.

“Where there’s chop, you need to pop”

“I choose the Ace when downwinding as it’s the most fun you can have with the wind at your back. It is also perfect for those really choppy days or when the ocean is like a washing machine,” said Michael Booth, Starboard Dream Team Rider and ISA World Distance Champion. “The ace is very forgiving as you are standing right on the waterline in the dugout position! Can’t wait until summer in Perth to get this board out again.”

Fiona Wylde winning her 5th overall Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge title on her Starboard Ace board.


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Starboard 14’0” x 23” ACE Key Features

Ace Race SUP Board: New Revamped Bottom Shape

Round vee with double concave
• Allows the board to sit higher on the bumps, making it float over chops with ease
• Downwind the vee has a very smooth entry into bumps, accelerating the board into the next runner and feels more maneuverable to change direction.

New Concave Side Plane

• Provides stability directly under your feet
• Acts like stabilisers similar to a trimaran

New Wider Tail Outline

• Provides more stability when stepping back to surf and buoy turn

New Curved Rocker Line

• The round vee bottom creates a curved center rocker, helping to roll into bumps with ease without pearling the nose

New Eva Nose Ridge

Used to deflect water entering the tray and provides extra support when strapping boards to a roof rack. It comes in the accessory pack.

Nose Shape: Full Boxy Nose

• Full & boxy nose rails increases stability in side chop
• Limits drag from water wrapping around the nose and pulling the rails
• Provides extra buoyancy upwind and reduces the nose pitching downwind
• Curved nose kick for easy entry into downwind bumps and lift in upwind chop

Dug out standing area

The inside rails are dug out from the standing area through to the tail, providing more space to spread your feet for extra stability.

New high sidewalls

• Block water from entering the tray offers better handling in chop and greater control surfing on the rail.
• New rounded rail edge in the standing area makes for a more user-friendly entry when getting on board

Multiple drainage holes

Drain the water out in seconds.

Extra handle position

For beach race start and easy carrying.

Ace Race SUP Board: New Carbon

Lightweight, Flex Control
• Full wrap of stronger 180g Biaxial Carbon with a center stringer on the bottom
• The mid section of the board has extra Biaxial Carbon that wraps both inside and outside the rail for further stiffness and overall hull strength
• “End Grain” balsa wood is used in the full standing area for increased strength and impact resistance
• Infused paint pigment in the resin reduces the weight

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