SUP racing in Greece is a celebration: Long Distance Champion Tasos Tsouris is all set for the country’s biggest event

We’re only a couple of days away from the Agios Nikolaos On SUP 2023 kick off on the 7-9 July! With elite athletes from across the world confirming their attendance each day and an amazing roster of Junior paddlers, this ICF SUP World Cup and National Panhellenic SUP Championship event, is set to serve as a stage for spectacular SUP racing battles this coming weekend.

TotalSUP caught up with a local legend, Infinity SUP Speed Freak, Coach and Greece National Team Rider & Long Distance Champion, Tasos Tsouris to check what’s in store.

Hi Tasos, welcome to TotalSUP! Could you tell us more about your watersport background and how did you get into the sport of stand-up paddleboarding?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been doing some kind of watersport, first it was swimming, then water-polo, sailing, windsurfing, rowing and finally I stumbled upon the new sport – stand-up paddleboarding – that caught my attention.

I was instantly hooked. It was fun, it was safe and the community around it was just awesome. My love for sports was so big that I wanted to be involved in it for life. The only way I could do that was by becoming a Coach. With my hands-on experience and a degree in sport coaching and physical education, my goal is to help develop the next generation of Greek (and beyond) SUP athletes.

Are you hyped about the way your local SUP racing scene is progressing?

From 2015, I have seen the sport progressing, getting bigger and more competitive. With that progress standards have been getting higher and higher every year. Thankfully I have been able to be a member of the Hellenic SUP Team and consistently claim podium positions in every race. But the one thing I loved stays the same. People smiling and enjoying the vibes during a SUP race. Here in Greece we see it more as a celebration rather than a race. And this is what makes SUP races in Greece so much fun.

We’re catching up in the run up to the Agios Nikolaos on SUP event. Could you tell us more about your experience with this event?

Agios Nikolaos on SUP is no exception to that rule and probably is the best race to get that feeling more that any other. Even before the start of the race you feel like you are on holiday. Sometimes even during the long distance race, which is my favourite, I find myself being in complete awe while looking at the scenery. Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t take racing seriously. Quite the opposite. I am a very competitive person and I have a big ambition to climb the ladder of the World SUP Ranking and to compete with the best of the best. A dream of mine would be to see the sport become part of the Olympics and representing my country at the Olympic Games.

Agios Nikolaos on SUP in 3 words:

If I have to summarize Agios Nikolaos on SUP in three words that would be: Summer, fun, racing or I can pitch it with a phrase: Fun Summer Racing!

Which race formats will you be competing in during the event?

I will be competing in all races over the three days of the event but my aim and focus is the Long Distance on Sunday.

What’s your board set up for this event?

In Greece and especially in Agios Nikolaos, winds during Summer are quite unpredictable so I will be bringing with me both a flat water (Infinity Whiplash Dugout Hollow board 14×21) and an all-water board (Infinity Blackfish Flat Deck 14×21.5) just in case!

At this point I would also like to say a big thanks to my Sponsors SecretSpot (@secretspotshop) and to my family for supporting me throughout my journey. See you on the water!

Thank you for your time Tasos – Good luck with the event and the rest of the season!

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