Red Paddle Co 2019: Adventure SUP series!

Adventure calls with Red Paddle Co’s dedicated range of ultimate touring and voyager boards. British SUP brand Red Paddle Co has launched its adventure series of SUP boards “The Voyager” aimed at introducing paddlers to paddle exploration and adventure.

With adventure in mind the Red Paddle Co Voyager SUP boards have been specifically designed to make embarking on new, exciting adventures as accessible and easy as possible! The concept is to simply unpack, inflate and explore.

 Red Paddle Co HQ launched its paddle  series focusing on the concept that no matter what your paddling level or experience, nothing matches the freedom of escaping to explore your local lake, beach or river. These dedicated touring boards are designed to take your paddling to the next level whilst remaining super stable and comfortable for those more relaxed moments, like soaking in your surroundings and enjoying a hard-earned snack from their dual cargo tie-down system. Their sleek shape and unrivalled stiffness allow you to paddle further and faster than ever before, helping you change your perspective on your local paddling spot or discover a new location with ease.

“When adventure calls, it is a hard resist the urge to break away from the day-to-day and head out in search of freedom, discovery and fun. Whether it be an internal desire to pioneer new waters or a chance to simply catch up with friends and family on your doorstep.” says George Shillito, Head of Customer Experience at Red Paddle Co. “Adventures come in all shapes and sizes and is not exclusively reserved for the fearless and brave, so we’ve designed our Voyager range to be prepared for anything that life throws at them, no matter how big or small the trip!”

George continued to add that “The Voyager range offers unrivalled stiffness and stability making them ideal for carrying camping gear, whilst their profiled noses make them perfect for high-speed cruising, so you can paddle further for longer than previous adventures that have been done on the Red Paddle Co Voyager. If you’ve always dreamed of embarking on your own SUP adventure but are unsure where to start, then be sure to check out Red Paddle Co’s simple guides to creating your own paddle boarding adventure and cold water paddling”


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