#PoundaPaddle: SUP community stands up to support Jordan Wylie’s mission

When things get brutal, physically, mentally and emotionally, “STAY IN THE GAME” mantra keeps Jordan Wylie, a former British soldier, activist, extreme adventurer and a bestselling author, pushing harder and digging deeper as he progresses further North on his 2,000-mile SUP journey.

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Jordan has already pushed past 100 days since he set off and embarked upon an epic challenge, The Great British Paddle 2020a full circumnavigation of Great Britain and a World Record attempt on a stand-up paddleboard in aid of Frontline Children. This week also saw him reach his fifth country and pass the half-way mark!

Photo: Alfie Marsh Film

Jordan’s expedition has captured the imagination not only of the SUP industry – this extreme endeavour is supported by Blackfish Paddles, Get On The Water UK, SIC Maui, Water Skills Academy to name just a few. Seasoned paddleboarders and SUP enthusiasts across the UK are now coming together to boost Jordan’s cause with a #PoundAPaddle initiative encouraging the stand-up paddleboarding community to donate just one pound per paddle which can be a one-off donation or continuous contribution each time the paddleboarder hits the water.

Photo: Courtesy of Jordan Wylie

Driven by inspiring young people through the “gift of education and the spirit of adventure”, Jordan’s mission is to build a new school on the Horn of Africa for children displaced by war.

Photo: Courtesy of Jordan Wylie

As the time is pressing, Sarah Elizabeth Thornely, Founder of SUPjunkie and Samantha Rutt, SUP athlete, coach and endurance paddler herself, are calling the SUP community to help raise the necessary funding to complete the project.

“It seems that 2020 is the year of the child – they ask for nothing and this year in particular sees them possibly having nothing, be it food or education,” said Sarah Elizabeth Thornely, “Imagine being a child on the frontline, war torn, hungry and not a hope of education – let Jordan, Sam and I join the likes of Marcus Rashford in bringing these children to the forefront of everybody’s mind and care wherever they are in the World. The challenges that these particular children face is unimaginable and Jordan makes it his mission daily to thank every one of us in helping to raise money for the less fortunate. How can I not support him when he truly supports others? We are asking for a little from everybody but collectively it will mean a lot to all those Frontline Children. Jordan is having a very bumpy ride around Great Britain but nowhere near as bumpy as those children – thank you for your support.”

“I have been truly inspired by Jordan and his brutal challenge of paddling round the whole of our glorious UK. To take on such an immense challenge is mind blowing in itself, but what has struck me most about this and why I want to stand up and support him, is the selfless act of kindness to help others less fortunate than we are,” said Samantha Rutt. “We take education for granted and yet we know, now we are adults, they are often the best times of our lives…to be able to give that opportunity to children already experiencing more than any child should, giving them a place to learn and thrive and getting this school built is such a great act of kindness how could you not be inspired by that. The world needs now more than ever acts of kindness, so for me it’s easy to Stand Up for Jordan to help him and Frontline Children get this school built. I hope you will stand up and show your support with us!

Photo: Courtesy of Jordan Wylie

“I would like to give a special thank you to Sarah, Samantha and everyone from the SUP community who are helping me on my quest to inspire hope through education to children who really need our support on the other side of the world. Taking part in this excellent initiative from these awesome ladies is not only great for your physical health and mental well-being but you will also be making a huge difference to children’s lives, thank you,” said Jordan Wylie.

Photo: Alfie Marsh Film

To track Jordan’s SUP journey and support his cause, visit Follow #TGBP2020 hashtag on social media. To donate, click here.

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