Olivia Piana to run Blackfish Performance SUP Camp in Squamish, British Columbia

Blackfish Performance Camps return to Howe Sound! The next three three-day highly-focused SUP training camp organised by the Blackfish Paddles team will be held on 4-6 August 2023 in Squamish, B.C. Canada and led by three time World SUP Champion, Wingfoil Race World Champion and all-round waterwoman Olivia Piana.

Photo by Luc Pitel

“I am super excited to announce that we will be hosting a Blackfish Performance Camp in Squamish with Olivia Piana in August. Olivia is an amazing athlete with a love of the water and the environment and time spent with Olivia, on and off the water, promises to be time well spent,” said David Smart, Founder of Blackfish Paddles, a high-performance SUP paddle brand based in British Columbia. “So please come and join us in Squamish, our home town that sits at the end of the southernmost fjord in North America. The scenery is amazing as is the paddling and other recreational opportunities – stay a few more days and go mountain biking or climbing and hiking. We look forward to hosting a small group of paddlers for what promises to be a fun and exciting three days. See you soon!”

Blackfish Performance Camp: Designed to “drive your gains”

Limited to eight participants, Blackfish Performance Camps provide a unique opportunity for avid paddlers to interact and train in a small group with elite SUP athletes.

“I’m so excited to visit beautiful Canada and Blackfish Paddles headquarters! It’s always a great pleasure for me to share the passion for our sports through clinics or camps. I’m happy to give advice and share technical knowledge which can allow you to go further in SUP and have even more fun,” commented Olivia Piana. “I’m also happy to meet and share quality moments with the local paddling community! Feel free to let us know what you are up to and we will adapt the program paddle techniques, turns techniques, downwind, sprint, SUP foil dock starts and more. Let us know and see you in Squamish!”  

Photo by Anders Aune

Blackfish Performance Camp: Howe Sound

Participants will train two or three times a day, including at least one paddle each day on Howe Sound, an amazing and dynamic ecosystem that offers a variety of conditions. This will include at least one paddle of 18-23km and weather permitting some downwind paddling.

Blackfish Performance Camp: Designed to “drive your gains”

“Blackfish Performance Camps are a new part of our business and we started the camps as a way for paddlers to learn and train in a small group setting. The camps offer an amazing way to generate a performance boost, improve your skills and also get a chance to travel to enjoy paddling somewhere new. Plus, you will meet some amazing people who share a similar passion. It is often the people you meet and the social engagement that ends up being the most memorable part of the camp”, said David Smart.

“Once you arrive at the camp it is important to remember the two DON’TS! ‘Don’t go looking for work’ and ‘Don’t spend time above your ability’. It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and try to train with faster athletes. Avoid this mistake by training at or below your ability level. You are at a camp to let volume, rather than intensity drive your gains.”

Photo by Luc Pitel


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