Sardinia to Host EuroSUP 2018

The 1st week of September 2018 will see the ESF EuroSUP land on the shores of Sardinia, Italy. From the 4th to the 9th September 2018 twenty European nations are due to land on the island which is the 2nd largest in the Mediterranean Sea. The multi event competition will be held in three different locations taking advantage of different prevailing conditions on the island. TotalSUP speaks to organiser Eddy Piana about this event and the conditions that European paddlers will expect.

Hi Eddy, Can you briefly introduce Sardinia and the EuroSUP?

I am organising this event along with our ASD Eolo Beach Sports team. The EuroSUP 2018 will be part of the Open Water Challenge, an event that is now in its 9th year. However, this is the first time the EuroSUP event has been hosted in Italy, this is in thanks to ESF and FISW.  Sardinia is a wonderful island in the middle of the Mediterranean. I am really excited to host this event as I’m in love the sea, I’m in love my land, and is a great opportunity offered to share all of this with the world of water sports. In fact, Oristano will be the European sports city of 2019, so this could be beginning of a legacy of SUP events.

Sardinia being an island in the Middle of the Mediterranean means that we can adapt the competition to suit the conditions. We will be keeping an eye on the wind directions and from our spot we can find the ‚Äúbest paddling conditions‚ÄĚ needed, both for racing and/or surfing.

How is the SUP scene in Sardinia?

SUP in Sardinia is becoming popular every year, with more and more followers. As well as the leisure paddlers that take advantage of Sardinia’s coastal beauty that stretches from corner to corner of the island and offer, there is also quiet a large fleet of commited ‚Äúracers‚ÄĚ. There are many SUP surf paddlers that can be spotted along Oristano‚Äôs coasts. This area is well known for its great swell, probably the largest to be found in the whole of Mediterranean Sea.

Can you describe sea conditions around Sardinia?

When the swell happens you’ll be surprised by the quality that it offers! The swell is generated by wind swell that raps around the coast. Some spots could be stormy and windy, but being Sardinia it is easy to find clean and smooth beautiful waves all year long, peak season remain winter and Spring. The Oristano coast and the Sinis Peninsula works very well with different wind directions so, good chance you will find your wave!

What is the course for the long distance race?

The 16 km long distance course route is 16 km. The paddlers will start straight from the beach at the ancient city of Tharros, this is a fascinating archaeological site. They will then paddle by the majestic cliffs of Capo San Marco and the light house before entering the Gulf Oristano. It will be flat water, with a little current and a mild breeze, that is if the God’s Eolo and Neptune like the idea! But racers need to be prepared for a bit of swell and rough conditions as¬† often this time of the year is unpredictable.

The event is based over three spots, can you describe them?

San Giovanni di Sinis is the location for the SUP surf competition, this spot is found on the other side of the pennisula to Torregrande. The waves there are generated by windswell (often side onshore), this is a spot influenced by the mistral wind, this spot is also well exposed also to southerns swells (side OffShore)

The next location Putzu Idu also a location for the SUP surf competition. This spot is further north, up the coast from Torregrande. This is exposed to NNW currents (side Onshore) and is a world class wave! Finally Torregrande, this is the location for the distance race, this spot has a predominantly flat and calm sea, unless there are westerly winds!

Will there be shore side entertainment?

There will be a Eurosup village 2018 right on the beach with bands, music and exhibitions. The event site is practically linked to Torregrande, with a great choice of bars and restaurants. There will be an entertainment program throughout the the week, building up to the weekend. Fun is guaranteed! Watch this space for news!

How can people get to Sardinia?

For paddlers coming by ferry we have an agreement with Grimaldi lines, the ferry company that operates to and from Sardinia. If paddlers are flying then you can reach Sardinia from the main Italian airports to Cagliari airport.

Follow this link more information on the event and information on how to register.






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